March 15, 2018

Junior High graduation is tomorrow!

Tomorrow will be the graduation ceremony for our third-graders of junior high. So, right now, they are practicing this morning and getting ready for the big event tomorrow.


Suddenly their graduation is becoming a reality to many of them. While almost all of the students will be staying with us in high school, a couple of them will be going to different schools. And several of them will be going into different courses within the school.

We are confident they will have a memorable ceremony tomorrow.

One big stage almost cleared. Next, high school!


March 13, 2018

William's Term 5 Blog

I got a influenza in the end of 2018’s January. It didn’t make me feel so bad, but it was definitely a bad time to get influenza, cause I couldn’t go to the ski trip in February first with my class.

I went to the clinic to check, they put a long thing in my nose and got some liquid in order to check my situation. Then they told me I got influenza type C and type A. I took a medicine that which is breath in with my nose, pretty fast and it worked. Although I felt better in 2.1, I still couldn’t go to ski trip, little sad.


March 8, 2018

Rebecca's Term 5 Blog!

Since we knew we will hold a singing competition in our grade,all of us were very excited.
Every class needs to sing two songs,one you need to chose one song from three. For the other one you can choose whatever you like. For my class, we chose ‘Tabitachi no Toki ’ and ‘present’ . They were all very good songs.

Then we started to practice singing. At first not so many people were active to it,especially the boys. But as the time passed,they found it was a serious problem, they started to sing with us. We began to practice very hard.

Every morning we had morning practice. All of us came to school thirty minutes before class and sing in the hall. Although we couldn’t sing very loud in the morning. But everyone tried their best. We also have singing at noon,and almost every day after school. We really sang a lot.
Singing club is also very busy at this time. We sang ‘Tabitachi no Toki ’and gave an example to all the classes. There were 11 classes in our grade,so we were so busy everyday. All of them were amazed of our singing. I hope they can improve their singing!

Finally it was the day for competition. Everyone’s heart got together and we sang by our best.But we didn’t got a prize. We were sad but we all felt cooperation and teamwork.Although we maybe had some mistakes during the singing,but it was really a wonderful competition.


March 4, 2018

Seiritsu Gakuen's 70th Graduation Ceremony

Today is the 70th Seiritsu Gakuen High school graduation ceremony. Over 360 students have worked hard over the past three years, or six years for graduates who joined in junior high, to be able to receive their high school diplomas today. This is the result of those years of toil and *the* school event of the year.

Many students will be coming to say goodbye to their seniors, friends, and clubmates as they move on to university and beyond.

There will be many smiles, and many tears, for sure.

We will also be saying "goodbye" to our third-year students, including our International students Tai, Emilie, and Meg.

But of course, it's not actually "goodbye" but "see you later".

Congratulations on your graduation, and we wish you the very best for your future!


March 2, 2018

Visa applications

If you are thinking about coming over to Japan to study at a high school, you will often need to have a visa. Many people can stay for up to 90 days on a tourist visa and attend school during that time. But if you wish to stay longer, you will usually need to get a student visa. To get the visa you normally need a certificate of eligibility.

The International Department at Seiritsu can usually help you with your application. In some cases we can submit your application for the COE (certificate of eligibility). Today, Brent was at the immigration office in Shinagawa handing in an application for one of our candidates. Our fingers are crossed that the certificate will come thru quickly.


We are always excited at this time of year. How many wonderful new students can we work with?What kind of year lies ahead?

March 2, 2018

Marathon Day

Today some of our students will be having a "marathon". Not a 26 mile full marathon, but a running event that Seiritsu Gakuen has every year. The weather couldn't be better! The sun is out, and it finally feels like winter is fading away.

Good luck to our students, hello to the sun, and see you soon, Spring!


February 26, 2018

Term 5 Blog from Gaossou!!

Hi there! I ‘m Gaoussou as always my high school SEIRITSU GAKUEN organise every years
The fantastic Ski trip and this year I luckely took part of this event.
When they announced it everyone was happy with it and excited.

We very enjoyed this day it’s true at first that I fell several times on the snow 🚑😹but I keep doing it and everyone was surprised to see me doing very well and that was one of the great moment that I appreciated 👅


February 24, 2018

Seiritz students abroad

Here at Seiristu, we have been encouraging international exchanges for a long time. Not only do we have several exchange students studying with us throughout the year every year, we also send groups of students abroad for school trips and homestay programs.

In recent years we have also been increasing students' interest in studying abroad. A number of our students have gone on to study abroad in university. And a few years ago, two students went off and studied for a year in New Zealand.

For this school year we have also been able to help send one student (Shobu) to America for 1 year and also 7 students off to various countries for three months. These seven students (plus Shobu) are all currently overseas. They are sending us monthly reports and short emails to let us know how their experiences are progressing. It is really exciting to get their reports.

We wanted to share a few quotes here. In coming weeks we will post longer messages from each student. And in April or May we will be getting full scale reports from those students on their experiences and we will probably be posting each one here. For now, here are a few comments (in Japanese and also English) by the students abroad:

「留学して約1ヶ月経ってホストファミリーもすごく優しくて学校の友達もみんな優しいです!すごく楽しんでます!」(My host family, and school friends are all really nice and I am having a great time!)

「アメリカでの生活はとても楽しいです。ホストファミリーも優しいし、学校も楽しいし、本当に帰りたくありません」(Life in America is exciting. My host family is kind, and my school is a lot of fun. I really don't want to return to Japan.)

「最初来た時はものすごく帰りたくて大変でした。でも今はこっちの環境に慣れてきて楽しいです。」(When I first arrived, I really wanted to return home. But now I have adjusted and I am enjoying myself.)



As you can see, they are enjoying their time abroad. It isn't all easy or fun but they will have experiences that will help them grow and and memories that they can keep forever.


February 15, 2018

JET teacher Teresa's 2018 Monthly Blog Post!

Hi, everyone. I’m greeting you right now as one of the new Private JETs Prefectural Advisor in Tokyo!

It’s an exciting new chapter for me as I’ve actually wanted to become a Prefectural Advisor for a while. Since I came to Japan, I have been very active in trying to find ways to help other JETs, for example with cheaper phone contracts. Helping make even this one aspect better allows JETs to save a little more for paying back university loans or other utilities. Additionally, I advise new and current JETs who find that they are unhappy with their current homes and use my experience to help them move to better places.

Now that I have been officially named the PA, I have more responsibilities. Besides helping JETs one-on-one with their relocation needs, I am also in charge of organizing JET conferences, workshops, and other such things. According to the previous PA, the arrival of new JETS will be the busiest times, but I expect this because I have volunteered to help in each orientation since I arrived. I hope to use my knowledge from my previous work to the coming one.

It has only been two months since I stepped into this position, but I will try to make as big of a difference as possible.

P.S. Here’s a picture of me in Hokkaido last week. I’m signing how big of a difference I want!

February 15, 2018

JET Teacher Laurence's monthly Post!

Hello everyone,

JET Teacher Laurence here.

It is no secret that speaking is becoming a bigger part of English education in Japan. Here at Seiritsu Gakuen, we think it is important for students to learn how to speak in front of a group. As such, we have speech presentations classes often.

For Japanese students, it can be very scary to give a speech in front of the class, especially in English.

Today I want to write about the tips we give students to make things easier. Please feel free to use them!

Learning the speech

1. After you finish writing your speech…write it again! Copying your speech several times will help you remember it.

2. Record your speech using a mobile device. Then, listen to your voice. You can use this method to practice saying difficult words and memorize your speech.

3. Practice with a friend or a family member. With them, you can get used to speaking in front of someone . They can also give you hints if you forget some words.

4. Practice often. Trying to learn your speech the day before the class can be very difficult. If you practice for a few minutes every day, it becomes much easier!

Presenting the speech

1. Don’t touch your clothes or your hair. You look great!

2. Don’t 'dance' (moving often from left to right)

3. Try to look at one point at the back of the room (like the air con or lockers) or move your eyes around the class.

4. Make sure you don’t speak too quietly. People sitting at the back need to hear you too!

5. Breathe. Breathe well before your speech and use the punctuation marks (periods, commas) to take a breath during your speech.

6. No “むり”, no “できない”. Give it your best shot! You can do it!

When it comes to making a speech, practice is the most important! The more you practice, the better you will be!




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