August 30, 2019

Paula from Canada (and Spain!)

Hello!! My name is Paula. I was born in Spain, but I currently live in Canada. I'm 17 years old. I came to Japan around four days ago, and so far it has been great! I live with a host family that has two little girls and a baby boy. They are all really nice! I'm staying here for three months, and I will hopefully will come back to Japan in the future!

20190826 Paula intro blog.jpg

August 27, 2019

Please welcome Victor from the Rotary Club!

Hi, I'm Victor. I'm from Belgium and I will be here in Japan and in this school for a year. I'm sixteen years old. I've been in Japan for 3 weeks already. I like making new friends and spending time with them. I like sports and playing video games. I hope to spend a very nice year here in Japan and discovering a lot of things about Japanese culture and people.

2019080826 Victor intro blog.jpg

August 27, 2019

Say hello to Tina!

Hi! My name is Crystena, but you can call me Tina. I am from Canada ! I'm seventeen years old. I hope to make lots of friends in these three months.This is my first time in Japan and hopeful not my last! Everyone I've met has been so nice, thank you for having me in your beautiful country!

21090826 Tina intro blog.jpg

July 25, 2019

Kailee has arrived!

Hi, my name is Kailee! I grew up in Tucson, Arizona in the United States, and I attended college in Seattle. I just graduated a few months ago. Now I am pursuing a career as an ESL teacher because I want to help students achieve their goals. This past month in Japan has been filled with lots of friendship, food, and fun. Soon, I will have to say goodbye and head to China for another internship. However, I am so thankful for the opportunities I've been given to meet new people and travel the world.


July 17, 2019

Todd's mother visits

My mum came over from Australia mid June, and it was good to see her after 3 and a half months.
We have been spending a lot of time together.
Football (soccer) has started to improve, and I'm still looking forward for the next few months leading into summer.
I've enjoyed the rainy season, even though it's still really warm.

20190717 Todd blog.jpg

July 15, 2019

Gogo Nihon visit July 2019

Once again we had some visitors brought to us by Gogo Nihon.

This time we had four young ladies visiting us and joining our girls' basketball team for a little bit of fun. The students had a great time communicating with each other and playing some basketball together.

20190712 Gogo1.jpg

20190712 Gogo2.jpg

If you are thinking of visiting Japan on a short visit but aren't sure what to do, perhaps you could look at the plans offered by Gogo Nihon. Some of their plans include chances like this: to visit a school and interact with fellow high school students.

20190712 Gogo3.jpg

20190712 Gogo4.jpg

July 12, 2019

Michael is here!

Hello, my name is Michael. I'm from Los Angeles, and I'm a student at the California State University. Before coming to Seiritsu, I was in the United States Navy. In the Navy, I visited Japan many times. I like Japan, because the food is delicious and the trains are convenient. Also, the land is beautiful and the culture is wonderful. After the Navy, I became a college student to learn more about Japan. Therefore, I studied Japanese at my university. I also studied abroad in Kyoto for a year. Today, I'm an intern at Seiritsu.The picture for this blog is one I took while on an excursion with Seiritsu international students! It is a pleasure to meet the teachers and students!

Michael Alupay blog.jpg

July 9, 2019

Say Hello to Juliette!

Hello, I'm Juliette. I am now Seiritsu's third intern. I have been staying in Japan now for about three weeks and I'm having a wonderful time. Observing classes and seeing how the students learn has been an educational experience for me. I hope to work as an English foreign language teacher in the future so moments like these are very helpful. I'm excited to learn more about Japan during the rest of my stay here.

Juliette blog.jpg

July 8, 2019

Le premier mois de Solomon au Japon!

J suis tres heureux de venue ici au japon j admire leurs vies social et educative. Le premier point j apprecie mon entourage au school mes profs mes amis en classe et basket bolls sont tres gentieux avec moi leur vie social es paisible pas derangant ils sont tres respectieux pas de racism's pas des bandits c es vraiment interressant.

20190715 Solomon blog.jpg

June 28, 2019

Hello from our new intern, Luke.

Hello, I'm Luke. I'm the second intern at Seiritsu. I am here to decide whether or not I want to work in Japan. While I'm in Japan I will be at different universities and schools, working with teachers and students. I am also excited to continue learning Japanese so that it will be easier to make friends. I hope to return to beautiful places in Japan I have already been to, and to find more such places.

20190628 Luke blog.jpg



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