August 10, 2017

Extended Reading (Tadoku) seminar

A couple of Seiritsu Gakuen teachers took part in a seminar on Sunday for extended reading. The gentleman that is responsible for spreading Tadoku in Japan holds several seminars every year. This was the sixth annual summer seminar.

Extended reading is held in all different types of languages and all over the world. We had several participants who came from overseas.

One of the cool little ideas that we took away from the seminar was the challenge for students to find hidden objects in the books. The ORT (Oxford Reading Tree) book series has glasses and dog bones hidden throughout their stories.

I have taken a picture with a few pages from a few books. Can you see the glasses?


August 9, 2017

Shobu's adventure in America

Two weeks ago one of our students, Shobu, started his ten-month study abroad program. He will be living and studying in the United States for the next year.


We would like to post some of his progress reports here on our international website. Here is his first report after only two weeks...


It is in Japanese but I have translated it below.


It has already been 13 days since I arrived in the US. I haven't completely adjusted yet, but it hasn't been too hard on me. In fact, I am enjoying every day. However, English certainly is difficult.

When I was in Japan, I was confident that I was pretty good at English. After coming here though I see how lacking my English is. I cannot say the things I want and, when I do speak, it is not like a native. To be honest, I am anxious. But I am currently making friends and enjoying life without any real troubles. The other day, I went and swam in a lake and on another day I went and visited Niagara Falls. I am experiencing new stuff every day.

Good luck, Shobu! You can do it!

July 30, 2017

Open School for Junior High

It's another nice day at Seiritsu. The weather cooperated again today and we had many students come out to participate in our junior high open school event.

We held some club training and some classes for the visitors. Today, Brent and one of the Japanese English teachers led a class on ERP (Extended Reading Program). Not many elementary students can read English but they could enjoy the picture books, the songs and activities we introduced.



July 29, 2017

Open school

Good morning everyone,

It is a nice day here in Tokyo. There is a typhoon just south of us so it is a little cloudy but the rain has held off. That is a good thing for us as we are holding our Open school today. Students can come and try out various club activities and a few lessons as well.



Our students come early and help get things ready. They are in bright spirits. (But I think it might be hard to see in this picture...)


These events can be a lot of fun for us and for visitors. Our English conversation club will be giving a sample session this afternoon. It should be a blast!

July 20, 2017

Plink's Excursion Blog!

On July 13th, overseas students went to The Tokyo Imperial Palace (皇居 Kōkyo) together. 皇居 is the primary residence of the Emperor of Japan. It is a large park-like area located in the Chiyoda ward of Tokyo.

It took us a whole morning to visit the Imperial Palace and learn about ancient Japanese history. Brent 先生 recommended a film called "the forty-seven ronin" film to us, which is based on the true story of Japan.


Then we went to the science and technology museum together and experienced a lot of interesting facilities, I like this hands-on practice very much.

It was a very interesting day, and I hope I can take part in this kind of activities in the future.

Plink is a second-year student from China studying at Seiritsu (cc)

July 18, 2017

Tai's Excursion Blog

Last week we visited the Imperial Palace grounds. It's a very beautiful park. First we can see the walls that used to protect the palace area. Then we went to inside, so it was a park. Mr. Brent and Mr. Coren explained the Imperial Palace’s history and origin of the Imperial Palace.

Then we went to science museum and saw many interesting things. It was so fun. We ate lunch in museum ,but it was not very tasty.

Last, we went to Yasukuni temple, and finished the trip.

I was so happy, but it was very hot and tiring.


Tai is a third-year student from China studying at Seiritsu (cc)

July 18, 2017

Gaoussou's Excursion Blog

Last Thursday, we went to visit an important area in Tokyo, the main train station, the old palace area and park. We also visited Tokyo Science and Technology Museum. The (original) palace is gone now, but there still is the big gate to protect the palace, and houses for the guards. We took many pictures. It was a hard day because it was hot, but it was fun because we had many things to see. It was my first time to visit the palace area. I want go to again to discover and learn more about this fantastic area! And I want to go with my friends for a good moment.


Gaoussou is a first-year student from Mali studying at Seiritsu (cc)

July 18, 2017

Rebecca's Excursion Blog

All the international students went on a trip to Imperial Palace last week. We haven't met each other for a long time, so I am so excited about this. We went to the Palace, the Technology Museum, the Budokan and other different spots. We not only enjoyed the great view but also learned the history of it. I was impressed about the long history were happened on the land we were standing on. After lunch, we went to the technology museum. The theories are all performed by the interesting experiments. We had a great fun! Through this excursion, we learned a lot of things, and also get closer to everyone. That was really a good experience!



Rebecca is a first-year student from China studying at Seiritsu (cc)

July 14, 2017

A Blog From Rebecca!

In term two, we had a lot of activities. We had the Sports Day, everyone gathered together and tried their best to attend the game.Then we voted for the student council. We also have the open school, when parents could visit the class and watch.

I had the JLPT test too, and the week after that was the final test for the term two. My score was good. We also had Benesse test a week later. My club music club was preparing for the open school and culture fair. The English club voted for the new leader and made the poster. Now we are having the short course and preparing for the summer vacation. This is my second term. I will also do my best in the third term!頑張れ!


Rebecca is a first-year student from China studying at Seiritsu (cc)

July 14, 2017

International Group Experiences Seiritzu

We recently had a diverse group of students come visit Seiritsu Gakuen. They were a small group and came for a short amount of time, but we were able to show them how Japanese schools are and give them a school club experience. They were able to interact with some students and join the dance club to do a performance with Japanese folding fans. All in all, it was a great chance for all of the students involved, Seiritsu's and those from the International group, to chat and have a bit of cultural exchange. We are looking forward to offering more experiences to International groups in the future.




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