November 12, 2018

Teresa's November blog

Self-care Teresa" is back to welcome you to "Taking Care of Yourself 101."

You know it's time to winterize your home when the wind nips your skin.

Let's start off with your home's doors. If you place your hand between the cracks, do you feel a breeze? That's how it feels to have your heating bill skyrocket. Let's keep the cash in the bank by sealing the cracks with weather strips (室内引き戸すきまテープ)!

20181112 Teresa Nov blog 1.jpg

Now that the door is cozier, the window is the reasonable next step. Touch the panels. Does it feel cold like you're Anna in the movie "Frozen?" That means you need some bubble wrap or even trash bags. Grab some tape and stick a layer of bubble wrap or trash bags on the window panels to insulate your home.

20181112 Teresa Nov blog 2.jpg

Besides home insulation, let's focus on your body. At home, be sure to wear slippers or wear fuzzy socks! Those socks are good to keep you warm and to give as presents if you're in a pinch this Christmas. We've all been there before.

20181112 Teresa Nov blog 3.jpg

Here's a notice that should be shouted each single day: wash your hands! Went to the loo? Wash your hands. Sneezed? Wash your hands. Going to cook/eat? Wash them, for goodness sake. All you need is water, soap, and a only 20 seconds. You read that correctly. It's only 20 seconds to prevent a possible week of influenza, headaches, and coughing.

Without further ado, winterize your home and protect yourself!

November 6, 2018

Eiken Practice

Many of our students are taking the Eiken tests and so many of them have passed on to the interviews. All of our English teachers are working non-stop to help the students do well in the up-coming interviews...

201811 eiken.jpg

Good luck everyone!!

November 2, 2018

Zebra Halloween

Our Zebra Halloween parties are all done. Every year we have a lot of fun in our special event classes. Well, we have fun in all of our classes but the event classes are even more enjoyable. Students bring friends and family and we enjoy the event all together. Check out the Zebra website and the English page to see the pictures and write ups.

201810 zebra1.jpg

November 1, 2018

William's trip to Tokyo Tower, Zojoji and Diet

In this excursion, we went to the National diet of Japan, Zojō Temple and Tokyo Tower. It was a great trip.

I like the architectural style of the National Diet, which is not similar with the traditional Japanese style; it's more like a western style.

20181101 William excursion blog.jpg

When we entered the National Diet, I saw a lot of primary school students visiting there too, which showed the good education system of Japan.

Zojo Temple was a very traditional Japanese structure. There were a lot of small Bodhisattvas in the Temple, which were pretty cute but it was a little stinky around them.

Tokyo Tower: still beautiful, still gorgeous, and still standing in Minato-Ku with greatness. The Halloween decorations created a different style on the second top room of Tokyo Tower, which gave it a festive atmosphere. I ate a vanilla ice cream under the giant of Tokyo. It was very delicious.

Nice trip, no?

October 30, 2018

Amy's trip to Diet Building, Zojoji and Tokyo Tower!

Recently, all of the international students, as well as the students who have done homestay before and those who are going on homestay experiences went on an excursion together. It was a really great day, possibly one of my favourites since I came.

First we went to the Diet Building which was overall pretty similar to Australia's Parliament House. It wasn't that exciting but it was nice to see how it all worked. After that we took a short train ride to Zozoji temple where we talked about the Tokugawa shogunate and some other aspects of traditional Japanese culture. It was fun to do Omikuji (fortune) with my friends and I was glad that I got the luckiest one :)

20181030 Amy excursion blog 3.jpg

We then walked to Tokyo Tower and took the elevator up to the first level. The view was really nice, and we were able to take cute photos with Halloween hats and costumes.

20181030 Amy excursion blog 2.jpg

20181030 Amy excursion blog 1.jpg

I had such a great day and thank you to all the international teachers for making it happen!!

October 29, 2018

Todd's October blog

October was very good as I started training again for the first time since January. It's been very hard trying to get back into it the rhythm because I've been out so long. I am gradually getting there though and it's an amazing feeling to be able to play again. I'm hoping to be able to be completely fit and play full games by Christmas.

20181008 Todd Oct blog.jpg

We also had the Halloween party with the junior high school kids. It was good to mix with younger kids and help them with english.

Overall, it was a good month.

October 29, 2018

Gaoussou's visit to Diet Building etc.

The month of October was one of the most eventful and educational months within Seiritsu. Because a lot of things happened. Among other things we went on an excursion for international department students. During this excursion we visited Zojo Temple, Tokyo Tower, and the Diet Building (where Japan's national parliament is.

20181028 Gaoussou excursion blog.jpg

At the heart of this, I must say that I made some new friends and gained some new experiences.

October 27, 2018

Gaoussou's October blog

I participated in a prestigious Japanese basketball tournament held in October in the prefecture of Fukui that is dedicated only to high school students. I was one of the Tokyo team members. Before the official games we played, friendly matches were also played and it was really great. My style of playing has improved and I made a lot of friends during that tournament. But unfortunately we didn't reach the top

October 27, 2018

Rebecca's trip to Diet, Tokyo Tower and Zojoji

The weather was turning into fall but it was sunny! It was really a perfect day for the excursion!! We had so many students this time! I made many new friends!

First we went to the Diet Building (seat of the government of Japan). It was such a huge building! There were many huge doors for every political party, a long walkway and a huge main hall! There were many journalists waiting in front of the door. It was really like the situation which we can see on the news. Then we finally went into the Chamber of the House of Representatives. It was so huge and so quiet! So amazing!

20181015 Rebecca Diet excursion blog 3.jpg

Next we went to Zojoji. It was a very important temple for Tokugawa shogun family. We were in different groups and learned a lot! We also went around the temple! It was so big inside! Finally we had picked omikuji (luck predictions). I got kichi! Good luck!

Lastly, we went to Tokyo Tower! A previous time I went to Tokyo tower at night and it was really beautiful. This time I can enjoy the view in the afternoon. We took the elevator to the main deck. The view was so good! I went into the souvenir store and bought a little toy Tokyo tower and four post cards. I wanted to write to my friends and family members. I hope they can receive them soon!

20181015 Rebecca Diet excursion blog 1.jpg

I really had a good time on this excursion!

October 26, 2018

Sophia's October excursion

Recently, the international students and the study abroad students went on an excursion. The weather was really nice so I enjoyed walking around Tokyo. We went to a the Japanese national government building, called the Diet building. We also learned about Tokyo tower before climbing it to see the views. At a nearby temple called Zojoji, we also looked at the many jizo. The jizo that we saw today were especially made for children. It was interesting to see all the personalized jizo that people have dressed up.

I am happy I was able to make new friends with the students who plan to study abroad or have studied abroad in the past.

20181025 sophia excursion 1.jpg

20181025 Sophia excursion 2.jpg

20181025 Sophia excursion 3.jpg



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