February 20, 2007

9th Annual 'Fukuda-Cup' Kendo Junior High School Tournament


Seiritsu held it's 9th annual 'Fukuda-Cup' Kendo tournament for junior high school students on February 4th. This tournament is organized every year by our high school's kendo club and it was named after our current principal, Mr. Fukuda, who donated the cup.


There were 75 teams that participated, both boys and girls teams made up of five members each. The tournament was a team event, where five members faced off against another five from another team. The team with the best result in five duals between one member from each team moved onto the next round.

Congradulations to the winning teams from Kizaki Junior High and Motobuki Junior High!


Boy's Team Champions: Kizaki Junior High School, from Saitama prefecture


Girl's Team Champions: Motobuto Junior High School, from Saitama prefecture


February 9, 2007

Fried chicken special...

The ever smiling Mr. Akakura, Seiritsu's cafeteria boss and head cook.

Hi, Michael here clocking in for the in month. I have been back for 1 month now and I have had the chance to get back into the swing of things here, i.e. training and school. These are the 2 things which my life revolves around almost everyday of every week. I thought this month instead of just talking about how I am doing, for a change I am going to give you an inside look at what you will have definitely never seen and probably never heard of before in relation to Japan. If you thought Japanese only ate sushi think again...

The morning break cafeteria rush.

This story starts on my first day here at school. You would expect the students to be well mannered, respectful and so on, and most of them are including me. But when they hear the school bell ring for the lunch break it is like a fire alarm in their heads as they race off to the cafeteria.


Normally you think they are probably lining up getting some sushi or rice bowls, but it is the total opposite. The line-up is like a scrum in rugby pushing from every side, a survival of the fittest (a bit of an exaggeration but I think you get the point). And what is it all for...


...but the scrumptious, most delicious fried chicken you have ever laid your hands on, just like the famous KFC. So after they get their chicken it’s not over because they then drown it in mayonnaise!!! At first I thought what they are doing something crazy. But now speaking with 2 years almost under my belt I can say once you have tried it there is no going back. The chicken just melts in your mouth. YUMMY!!!

That’s all from me this month, just keeping you up to date with the facts. An amazing school, top quality coaching staff and ground for soccer and food which you just can’t get enough of.

Michael Fitzgerald

February 9, 2007

Foreign junior high school student prepares for Seiritsu

(Mr. Yohei Fukuda, Director of Seiritsu, and Jason, by the blossoming cherry trees at the Seiritsu training ground).

Jason Davidson came to Japan in March 2006 to enter the Seiritsu soccer academy called Zebra, which Seiritsu established for elementary and junior high school students. For one year Jason has attended Washimiya Junior High School near the Seiritsu training ground, where he is learning the Japanese language and culture as he prepares to enter Seiritsu’s high school student athlete program for April 2007. He plans to graduate from Seiritsu after completing the regular three years.

Hi everyone. My name is Jason Davidson. I am fifteen years old. I have been living in Japan, in the Seiritsu dormitory, now for almost a year. I came to Japan last year to attend and play soccer at Seiritsu. I came one year in advance of actually entering the high school so I could learn and experience the Japanese culture. The main reason I wanted to learn about the Japanese culture was because I am part Japanese. My grandmother is from Hiroshima. I have found that Japan is a very unique country. There are so many reasons why it is a unique country, but the main three are it is so clean, safe and group orientated. So far it has been a very enjoyable experience.

This year because I am not at the high school yet I have been training with the Seiritsu Zebra under-15 team. It was very hard for me at the start to adapt to the soccer over here in Japan because they were so fit. The reason why they are so fit is because the Zebra team trains five times a week and plays multiple games on Saturday and Sunday. This is a totally different schedule back home in Australia. In Australia I would only train two days a week and play a game on Sunday. That’s why your soccer improves dramatically here. I think my soccer has improved. It has improved because the Seiritsu coaching staff are excellent coaches. Most of them were pro soccer players so they know what they are talking about. The second reason is because I am just simply training triple of what I was doing back home in Australia.

There is also one more bonus that I get coming to Japan and attending Seiritsu. That is that while I am pursuing my dream of becoming a pro soccer player, I also can get an education. My dad and mum always told me that without an education you will never get anywhere in this world. This is why Seiritsu is a very unique high school. There is no school that I know of in Australia that does this kind of thing.

That’s all from me for this month. I am just keeping you updated with all the info. It’s an awesome school with awesome soccer staff and awesome teachers.

Jason Davidson



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