May 7, 2007

Golden Week sport's club scores


Seiritsu has a growing community of friends in several countries, whom we’ve met through our students being on home stays and also through foreign groups coming to visit us here in Tokyo, so we thought we should post our recent sport’s club results.

(Boy's Soccer club) T-1 League
The boy's won 6-1 versus Kokugakuin Kugawaya High School, at Komazawa 2nd field on May 3. Also on May 5th, the boys beat Horikoshi high school 5 to 2.

(Boy’s Rubber-ball Baseball Club)
The boys were defeated by Metropolitan Kohoku High School 4 to 1 in the second round during the Tokyo Spring Rally on Saturday, April 28.

(Track and Field Club)
Class 3E Yoshida Kai take 5th place (5m93cm) in the Broad Jump event at the preliminary contest of the 3rd Tokyo Championships on 29th Saturday, April 28.

(Table Tennis club)
On April 29th, the club was defeated in the second victory round by Ogawa High School 1 to 3, after winning the first round versus Chuo University High School 3 to 0, at the Tokyo qualifying tournament for the Kanto Championships.

(Kendo Club)
The girl’s team squad won their first round at the Tokyo Spring Tournament Kanto Regional Qualifier on April 29. The boy’s squad was then defeated in the 3rd round, placing in the Best 64.

(Badminton club)
At the individual Inter-High Tokyo Qualifier on April 30th, Horikoshi High School defeated Seiritsu’s Watanabe pair in the 2nd round.

In individual competition on May 3, 3H Inoue Rina placed second in the seventh group block, defeated by Tsurugaoka High School.

On May 4, 2D Ino Yonishi was defeated in the second round by Shibaura Institute of
Technology high school.

(Karate Club)
Tokyo Spring Karate Championships (team events) held at Seiritsu on Sunday, April 29.

The Tokyo Spring Tournament was held over two weekends, April 22 and April 29, and was a qualifier for the June Kanto Regional Championships. The April 29th tournament was actually held at Seiritsu, the first time a karate event has been held here in over 14 years.

Girl’s Individual Kumite: 4th place 2nd year Sayaka Ueno (qualified for Kanto)
Girl’s Team Kata: 3rd place (qualified for Kanto)
Girl’s Team Kumite: 2nd place (qualified for Kanto)
Boy’s Individual Kata: everyone stopped at the first round.
Boy’s Individual Kumite: 2nd year Ryota Yamazaki made Best 16, while 3rd years Sho Yamanobe and Ryoto Watanabe made Best 32.
Boy’s Team Kata and Team Kumite: everyone stopped at the first round.

(Boy’s Basketball Club)
At the Tokyo Spring Championships on April 29th, the boys defeated Mitaka High School 99 to 64 in the 3rd preliminary round to qualify for the Kanto Regionals. The boys then defeated Nihon Gakuen High School 84 to 50 in the fourth preliminary round on April 30. They were then defeated by Teikyo High School 70 to 106 later that day.

(Girl’s Tennis Club)
At the Tokyo Singles Championships on April 29th, class 3D Miho Tanabe was defeated 2 to 6 in the 4th round.

(Girl’s Soccer Club)
The girls defeated Suginami High School 4 to 2 as a preliminary game for qualifying for the All-Japan High-School Girl’s Soccer Championship, on April 29th. The girl’s were defeated by Shou Girls' High School 2 to 3 on April 30, placing in the Best 16 of the tournament.

(Bowling Club)
At the 62th National Sports Bowling Festival Tokyo qualifer on Saturday, May 5, the bowling club placed a respectable 3rd, but they unfortunately didn't qualify for Nationals.

May 7, 2007

High school sports in Japan


Now that our English website will try to stay current with our many club's results, here's some background information on high school sport's events in Japan.

The Kanto Championships is mentioned often in sport’s club results, because all teams in all sports are competing at their city level tournaments to qualify for their respective sport’s Kanto Regional Championships. At the Kanto event, teams are normally trying to qualify for the All-Japan National Championships for their sports. Sometimes Kanto Championships are held twice a year, once being just an extra event to help prepare for the other Kanto Championships used to qualify for Nationals later in the year.

For example, there may be a spring Tokyo tournament to qualify for the summer Kanto championships, but that is as far as it goes, whereas the fall Tokyo tournament will be the qualifier for the winter Kanto Championships, which is in turn the actual National's qualifier.

The Kanto region is a geographical area in the middle, east part of Honshu, the largest island in Japan. The region encompasses seven prefectures within the Greater Tokyo Area: Gunma, Tochigi, Ibaraki, Saitama, Tokyo, Chiba, and Kanagawa. Within its boundaries, slightly more than 40 percent of the land area is the Kanto plain. The rest consists of the hills and mountains that form the land borders. (Wikipedia)

Other than the All-Japan National Championships for each sport, there is an even more high-profile multi-sporting event called the "Inter-High’’, kind of a mini Olympic Games for high school sports. It is held in one prefecture each year in summer. There is heavy media coverage of Inter-High games, with many student athletes becoming famous if they win their respective divisions.

The Inter-High is very exciting to attend, as one city fills up with athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers, and spectators for each of their own sports from all over Japan, plus loads of media, thereby everyone is bumping into each other all over town, creating a fun, festive atmosphere.

Some of the larger team sports, like baseball and soccer, also have separate skill divisions and popular tournament leagues, some which are broadcast on television.



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