March 4, 2008

Graduation 2008!

On a sunny, crisp spring morning last Sunday, March 2, the massive SG flag was unfurled to great students and parents arriving at the school for the 2008 Graduation Ceremony.

The official sign at the entrance.

Around 340 senior students attended this years 2008 Graduation Ceremony for the academic year 2007-2008.

Principal Fukuda addresses the graduates and their families.

During the ceremony, the Principal hands one diploma to each homeroom representative.

Everyone returns to their homerooms after the one hour ceremony, where the homeroom teacher hands out the diplomas to each student.

Parents are welcome to stand at the back of the homeroom and watch their child receive their diploma. Normally after everyone receives their diploma, the students take turns giving a short one minute final speech to the class.

The stereotype that Japanese never show emotion is not true, as the tears flowed freely on Sunday from pretty much everyone.

A homeroom teacher also shows some true emotions. Homeroom teachers become very close to the students, seeing them each morning and afternoon. Plus the homeroom teacher is a student's primary counsellor to speak to about post-secondary choices. It is common for 3rd year graduating students to stay in contact with their homeroom teacher long after they graduate.

A group of girls take a final group picture.

A cover of the diploma received by each student.

After the diplomas are received and the final speeches are done, each homeroom class leaves the school together. The 1st and 2nd year students line the main courtyard, grouped together in their clubs, and the graduating students walk down an alleyway in the center. The juniors pass presents to the seniors as they walk through the mass of students and off the school grounds.

Here a graduating student from the karate club gets a memorial album of pictures from the junior karate club members.

Cheerleaders pose with their graduating seniors.

Principal Fukuda with the graduating soccer students.

The Seiritsu Cheerleaders putting on a final sayoonara show for the graduates.




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