May 27, 2008

My favourite convience store food.

Hi everyone. It’s Jason again and it’s been a while since I have written my last blog post. Many things have changed but life is still going on a usual in Japan. Today’s topic is about my favorite food from a convenience store. Convenience stores are located nearly on every block in Japan. They are very handy for people on the move, which is pretty much everyone in this country. My favorite convenience store food would definitely be onigiri. An onigiri is a rice ball that has something inside of it and is then covered with a strip of dried seaweed. My favorite onigiri would definitely be the tuna onigiri. There are many types of onigiri and, depending on what is inside of them, they are different prices. Most are cheap and are a great snack for busy people. If you ever visit Japan you will see that onigiri are a part of Japanese life. You will always see someone eating them or buying them every day, including me!

By Jason

May 26, 2008

The food I crave...


The food in Japan that has me hooked is a type of bread that they sell at the convenience store. It’s called Melon-pan. Whenever I go to a convenience store I have to keep myself from buying this delicious bread. But sometimes I treat myself to it as I cannot hold back for too long. This tasty bread has sugar on the outside and white bread on the inside that tastes like it was made on that day. The brand of this bread it called Yamazaki Melon-pan. At some points in the day, I have cravings for it and I swear I would walk for half an hour just to reach this Melon-pan. If you taste this it you will be amazed by its rich, crunchy, sugary outside and its soft chewy inside. When you take a bite of the bread, the sugar will dissolve onto your taste buds and the dough will melt in your mouth. I thought heaven only came when you died but I thought wrong. I hope someday you have a chance to taste this wonderful creation called Melon-pan. I highly recommend it to anyone living on earth.

By Dylan Windust

May 26, 2008

My comfort food.


After every training there is always one food that I must eat at the convenience store and that is the juicy chicken from MiniStop, the best chicken that you will get any where in the world!! In my opinion, it is even better than KFC! I love it because of the crispy coating, the juicy meat and the extremely cheap price.
The golden coating is never soggy, always crispy and when you bite into it the flavor bursts out and you are instantly sent to heaven.
After the crunchy coating comes the meat which is super juicy and the taste lasts in your mouth for a long, long time. The flavor fills your mouth and your mouth asks for more.
You would think that something as nice as this would cost a fortune but it only costs 125 yen. And if you buy three, you can get them all for 300 yen! Usually I buy three and spend the train ride home enjoying the delicious snack.

-Ryosuke Yano



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