November 17, 2009

Halloween Scary Stories!

Greetings from Seiritsu Gakuen,

Its Nick Smith of the International Department here to announce the winners of the Halloween Scary Story Contest! This year I had my English Composition classes try to write the scariest stories they could think of. While they were too embarrassed to have their actual stories posted (too bad as they were really good) they did finally agree to at least have their picture taken.

Without further ado here are the winners...


From front to back (with their English names of course) Lennon, Patty, GoTooDa, and Sally. Congratulations!!!

And thanks for all the other submissions. There wasn't a poorly written one in the bunch!


November 11, 2009


On the 31st of October was Halloween. All though it is not usually celebrated in Japan, some of my friends and I didn't want to miss out on the opportunity to have a little party (actually it was more like a gathering, only that some people were in costumes).

We first met up at Harajuku Station. From there, we went to buy our beloved ice cream stuffed crepes (I am kind of addicted to this stuff, but unfortunately it is too expensive to buy it more then once a month)! On the way there we were stared at by many people and we frequently heard "Kawaii" (cute) out of the many sounds. All though there were many foreigners in Harajuku that day (actually there are always a lot of foreigners in Harajuku), it seemed to be something special to see 2 Pikachus and a guy dressed as a character from One Piece walking around.

Afterward we went to Karaoke, which, as always, was fun. Especially since none of us can sing. But that's the best part about karaoke isn't it? We also took cute Purikura pictures. I really should buy less of those pictures or soon I will have no money and no space to put them!


November 11, 2009


This month looks like sports month for all schools. Every week there are games to watch. The soccer and basketball games are the most interesting. Every Sunday, Ella and I went to watch the Seiritz soccer guys play and luckily, they won all their games. Next week they have a big game to advance closer to the finals.

I haven't been to the basketball games yet because last time I tried to go, I had a problem. By accident I printed out the wrong map and ended up somewhere completely different! It was still a fun experience but next time we will definitely print out the right map and go!




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