February 16, 2010

FujiQ for you.


Recently, I spent one of my free days at the amazing FujiQ Highland Park. I went together with two friends and it was really the best Amusement Park I have ever seen. There were two enormous and super fun roller coasters at the park. We rode each more times than I can count! Since it was so cold that day (well, cold by Tokyo standards) not that many people had gone out so we basically had the whole park to ourselves.

But really the best was hands down the horror house. It may have been the first horror house I've ever seen but I cant imagine anything being scarier! It was designed like a hospital and there were real actors playing sick and dying patients. Also it was real dark and since I am scared of the dark I felt like having a panic attack! But in the end, I survived and had a great time.


February 16, 2010

Sumo Tournament


On the 7th of February my host father and I went to a Sumo Tournament. It was being held in Ryokoku, an area of Tokyo famous for sumo, which is about an hours drive away from my homestay. This instantly became a highlight of my time in Japan. The atmosphere was incredible!

It's a very traditional Japanese sport, however there are competitors from all corners of the globe. It cost 1000Yen each for our seats. People seated right at the front had to pay about 44000yen for their seats. We weren't seated too far away from the action, though so it was really fun to watch. I highly recommend sumo to anyone visiting Japan and I cant wait to check it out again!





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