May 18, 2010

Golden Week


Every year, in the beginning of May there is a 3-5 day Japanese holiday called Golden Week. I had a very good Golden Week, except for the fact that it was FAR to short. For starters I drove to the very South of Chiba prefecture with my host family. There was nothing there except sea, forest and lots of ramen shops to enjoy. I was really surprised that the Japanese sea was already the temperature of the German Baltic Sea during the hottest part of summer. We didn't go swimming, though, because I was a little sick. After wards we went to Kamogawa sea world, which was very beautiful but simply crammed with people. I really enjoyed the Whales and the walrus. Honestly I never imagined that they were THAT big. In my head they always seemed about the size of a sea lion.


May 18, 2010

New Student: Matti


Hello to everyone reading this. My name is Matti Julius Ketonen or just Matti. I came to Japan from Finland from just outside of a major city. I came to Japan due to my interest in martial arts and the Japanese language. My goal here is to understand the language and develop my skills as a martial artist. Japan is very different compared to where I come from, so this should be an interesting experience. I hope my year here will be successful and go without any accidents!




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