June 30, 2010

New Student: Richie


Hello to all the people out there. This is Richie a new foreign student at Seiritsu. I am from Thailand, from an area very close to Bangkok. I came to Japan because I want to be able to speak the Japanese language. I really want to be able to understand my parents when they speak in Japanese and also experience Japanese high school life.

June 30, 2010

Rain Rain come back another day soon.



Japan's climate is supposed to have five seasons per year. Although most people don't like to admit it, the whole of June is supposed to be non-stop rain. But where is this so called rainy season? This year, the rain didn't start until about one and a half weeks later then it was supposed to. Also, the really strong rain only lasted for about four or five days. Since then I have been eagerly watching the weather forecast everyday to check for downpours to see if I would finally get to use my umbrella. But nothing yet.

Now I am starting to ask myself, is this the effect of climate change hitting japan very hard or have I just been unluckily spared all of the heavy rain up until now? Only time will tell.


June 30, 2010

My time in Japan

Looking back on my time here, I would say I enjoy japan better then Germany. The people here are so friendly, even if sometimes it may only be their outer face. I also like the clean streets. It is impressive, that a city as big as Tokyo is cleaner then Berlin, which is far smaller.

And I love the fashion in Tokyo. It suits my taste then German fashion, since it is really cute and sometimes a little crazy. In Germany people would probably be too embarrassed to wear something like that. Also I will totally miss Karaoke and Purikura (booth photos). Those are really fun activities, and it really is a pity that we don't have them in Germany, at least not in this form.

If it wasn't for all the people I love, who are waiting for my return to Germany, I would love to do my full high school experience in japan and then go on to a Japanese university. But I guess that's going to remain a pipe dream.


June 29, 2010

Karaoke? Whats so fun about an empty orchestra anyways?


I think there is something that I have started to enjoy in Japan lately. Before I honestly could have cared less but now something is different. What is it, you say? Its Karaoke. My first thoughts were "What is so fun about spending time in a smokey, smelly room and just singing in front a television?" But this surprisingly quite addictive. Hour after hour of singing and eventually you don't want to leave that smelly room anymore. Karaoke is a part of the modern Japanese culture, so everyone that still have not been to a Karaoke place, should at least go there once in their lifetime!


June 29, 2010

Can't beat the heat


Hey its Fraser just posting in for the month. Its been a great month! Everything is going steady and swell. But the heat and humidity are killing me. I've already gotten a couple unfortunate sunburns but other then that I've been able to survive the heat better than I thought. As of now, I'm mostly planning intensively for summer holidays which are coming up soon. On my to-do list are things such as checking out some of the many summer festivals and farewell parties for friends returning to their countries. I can't wait for the summer holidays, they will definitely be a blast!


June 29, 2010

Its hot Hot HOT!!


A picture from the roof of my home stay, with the corresponding heat waves.

Yes, Japan really is hot during the summer and we’re not even half-way yet! The heat is really getting to me and despite eating large amounts of ice cream and sleeping with the fan on. I still find it difficult to cope with. On a more positive note the summer break is getting nearer and nearer. The break should let me get used to the hot weather or otherwise I’ll be spending most of the time emptying the freezer...


June 29, 2010

As the times change...


This month has been a very busy one. Many things have happened. For example, my sister came to Japan, Wei is leaving the school, I am changing to a new home stay and so on. Since Wei is leaving, I think it will be a bit lonely for me because we always talked to each other. But that just means I have to spend more time with my Japanese classmates, which is a good thing.

Changing home stays is the thing that I like the most because now I live near Disneyland and Disney Sea. Also this month is the start of Japan’s "rainy season" but it has hardly rained at all. Finally, our summer holiday is coming up and I’ve been planning what to do with my free time. (since I have yet to explore much of Tokyo!)




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