November 25, 2010

The busy month of November


Since the last post, there have been some events, but not too many. We had a week with exams, which I believe went ok. I wish to perform better in both Japanese history and the essay writing next time.

Richie, Matti, and I went to Asakusa and Akihabara as well. In Asakusa there happened to be a matsuri (festival) and we quite enjoyed the parade. We also bought really, really good shaved ice (kakigori), though Richie managed to spill half of his. After a while, we left Asakusa by subway, and went to Akihabara. Matti went looking for something he wanted, while Richie and I went to a Gundam Cafe.

Gundam is a very popular Anime show that has been aired since 1979! However,I don't know very much about it. The icecream was good, the milk tea could be better, but all in all I enjoyed the place. After that, we met up with Matti, who went home a few minutes later. Richie and I stayed for a bit longer, and I ended up buying a really cheap MP3 player.

Tuesday the 9th of November, Angel, Matti and I helped Richard with an English class for the junior high schoolers, I had fun, but it was a tad awkward.


November 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Angel


Recently I moved to a new host family. I was very nervous at first, since this is my first time moving, but they are incredibly nice to me! They bought a chocolate cake for my birthday. I didn't expect any presents in this year but I actually had the best birthday ever.

Lots of people sang the birthday song to me! I think I heard it about five times! My class also gave a birthday card to me. The card itself was nothing special but the messages written on it are priceless. Some of my classmates even wrote happy birthday in Chinese for me! I think I won't forget this year because they are such good friends!!!


November 25, 2010

Mountain climb


This November started with a trip to the mountains with my host family. It was an interesting trip and a nice change to the city landscape I see only too often. The mountain we went to is called Ryoukami. The first day was spent at a traditional Japanese inn nestled in the mountainside. From there we planned out the schedule for the rest of the weekend.

On the second day we began our trip to the mountain top. It took over four hours to climb to the top and another four hours to descend. It was pretty rough at times, but the weather was nice and cool. We returned home late in the evening. All in all it was a great trip. It was also my first time climbing a mountain in Japan. Next year I am setting my sights on the tallest mountain in Japan, Mt. Fuji!


November 25, 2010

Festivals galore!

At band practice!

November is my favorite month of the year! There are many interesting things that have happened so far and many more on the agenda. First of all, I’m slated to move to new host family again. This time I will live in an area called Minami Urawa, a part of Saitama-ken. It is actually really close to the school so my daily commute will be really fast! This is great news for my last 2 months in Japan since before I used to live so far away.

I also went to Waseda University's culture festival. I saw many bands perform and it inspired me to improve my guitar skills even more. I also went out with Matti and Eskild to Asakusa to watch a festival and parade on Bunka no hi (Culture day, a national holiday).

Also the weather is getting surprisingly cold. I’m not used to the cold since I come from a tropical climate country. This will be my first time experience winter and honestly, I’m pretty nervous about it. Hopefully I don’t freeze!


November 17, 2010

International and middle school students meet for lunch


Eskild warming up for a question and answer session.


Angel with a few new friends.

On November 12th several of our international students had the opportunity to enjoy a school lunch with Seiritsu's new class of first year middle school students. Being around the age of 13, the middle school students are naturally quite curious about everything. This is especially true concerning the international students, since the two groups normally don't have much contact with one another.

To satisfy this curiosity, and help the middle school students with their English education, the International Department staff and middle school homeroom teachers have set up times for the two groups to meet. Two weeks ago the international students participated in an English lesson, helping the Japanese students with their English conversation. This was followed by last Friday's lunch so the students could talk to each other in a less structured environment.

The middle school students were very excited to finally have the chance to meet the foreign faces of Seiritsu and ask all the questions they wanted.


Mattie relaxing with two middle school students at the end of lunch.


Richie in full swing with his group.



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