April 13, 2011

New Teacher, Peter Williams


Hello everyone, my name is Peter Williams and I‘m the new International Department teacher for Seiritsu. I come from England and graduated with a BA in Design and Illustration. I will be teaching the International Department Classes for High Level English and Japanese Geography.

Throughout Seiritsu School I will also be performing a number of other roles, which include teaching at the Seiritsu Kindergarten, the Zebra Community English Conversation class and helping with the school’s English Conversation Club. I am also an ALT for both Junior High School and High School English classes as well as assisting with the School Karate club. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone!

April 9, 2011

New school year starts!


Since the March 11th earthquake, things have returned to normal in Tokyo. It is actually a beautiful time to be in Japan as people are perhaps more sensitive and caring to others around them.

And the cherry blossoms are out in full cotton candy force now, enhancing the spirit of rebirth and renewal.

On Thursday, April 7, the new school year started. First year junior high school students (grade 7) and first year high school students (grade 10) came to the school to attend their entrance ceremony.


In this picture, various sport's club members line the entrance path to warmly greet the new students and their parents.


The entrance ceremony about to begin in the gymnasium, which had been decorated for the event.

The cheerleading 'Tiaras' squad members kicking off the positive school spirit for this year!



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