August 1, 2011

Our soccer coach wins the FIFA Women's World Cup!!!

Congratulations to our girl's soccer team assistant coach Nozomi Yamago (山郷 のぞみ) for helping the Japanese Women's National Soccer Team win the FIFA World Women's Cup!

Japan wins women's world cup!

The school put up a huge banner on the side of one wall congratulating her!

FIFA website bio

August 1, 2011

International student's shodo!


One of our international students from Finland last year, Eskild, participated in a Japanese calligraphy class (shodo) which also included carving his own name stamp. He did quite well and recently the shodo teacher, Mauro-Sensei, has sent him some of the artwork that Eskild had made as a present to remind him of his time in Japan.

Not bad, not bad at all.



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