November 21, 2011

Monthly blog- Tatiana, what have you been doing?

It will soon be 3 months since I came to Japan.
That means I just finished the first quarter of my gap year.

The five of us in the international class got to know each other better, so classes together are always fun!

We sometimes go to karaoke or take purikura together after school too.


Karaoke is really fun; I discovered that I like the same songs as Jessica and Pop… Even though their music genres are very different! It made the karaoke experience even more enjoyable!

One day, I also went to Asakusa with Pop, I could discover a more traditional part of Japan by going to the Sensoji temple. I also took a typical tourist picture in front of the Kaminarimon.


On another day, I went with Jessica at Harajuku to do some shopping. We went into the shop of her favorite designer’s brand, h.naoto, and by coincidence it was on that same tat the new winter collection came out. While I was browsing through the dresses, thinking that they were really expensive, a man in his forties came and started talking to us in English. I was going to ignore him after a while, but fortunately Jessica is better than me at knowing faces, and she suddenly asked “Are you h.naoto?” it turned out he was. I almost ignored an internationally recognized fashion designer, it was embarrassing. Then he invited us to go to his fashion show the following week, and since I would have felt bad leaving the shop with empty hands, I bought a hat.


As for school, I am starting to get used to most things. My Japanese skills have improved enough to talk with my classmates, and I understand most of what is going on during classes.
Last week, all five of us went to imohori, picking sweet potatoes out in the countryside in Saitama. It was quite tiring, but we got to eat good curry rice with sweet potatoes in it!


Recently the weather is becoming very cold, so I have bought a scarf and gloves to wear on the way to school. But this is only the beginning, and it is supposed to stay cold until April. I hope I will manage the whole winter without becoming sick!

November 11, 2011

ID Students in November: Nick


Nick has settled into his studies at Seiritsu really well- here he is shown enjoying Japanese class with his Japanese home room. Although the level is predicatably very high, Japanese language classes do help introduce important vocabulary to the international students, and because of this immersion they feel that their Japanese ability really starts to take off!

November 11, 2011

ID Students in November: Tatiana


As well as studying together in the Japanese, Japanese history, High Level English and Japanese Geography classes that are run by the International Department, all international students participate in regular classes with their Japanese home rooms. Here, Tatiana is focusing on her English.

November 11, 2011

ID Students in November: Gabu


As part of their curriculum at Seiritsu, the international students get to try their hand at Shodo. This is unsurprisingly a firm favourite among all students! Here Gabu is pictured in the Shodo classroom, practicing his latest Kanji.

November 11, 2011

ID Students in November: Pop


The 4th term of study in underway at Seiritsu!

Here is Pop with her Japanese home room, studying hard in English class. Now that she has been here over two months, she looks right at home in the usual school routine! For Pop, the English classes that are taught in Japanese are very good at helping her learn both languages.

November 11, 2011

ID Students in November: Jessica


It is November, and the international students have settled into their full school routine. Today, Jessica has a personal study hour so she is shown here in the personal study room revising and practicing for the JLPT level 4 test that she will take in December.

Ganbatte Jessica!



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