March 23, 2012

Gabu's March web post

My host family and I went to an aquarium in Chiba in March.

We arrived around lunch time and ate some lunch at McDonald's. After that we went to the park which was very beautiful and had many kinds of flowers and bushes. Also there was a lot of idols in the park. Some of them were recording music videos which I thought was very funny to look at.


When we had looked around in the park we went to the aquarium. It was a very big one even though it didn't have dolphins which I had hoped to see. But they had penguins which I really enjoyed to look at and both my host brother loved to sit and look at them for a long time. When the park opened the "touch fish" area there were a lot of people coming and my host family tried to get a good spot so they might get a chance to touch one of the fish. They got to touch a lot and was there about 1 hour just watching and fighting to touch some of the cool fish.

It was a fun time and I think that the aquarium was good even if there were no dolphins.

March 23, 2012

March web post from Pop!

This month is March, which is going to be warmer than last month; in other words Spring is coming!

But somewhere on the mountains of Tochigi, snow is still falling and lots of people still go skiing there, including me. I went skiing at the beginning of this month. The weather was nice but my body seemed like it wasn’t ready yet. I remembered the day I went snowboarding in December; the following day I was 'dying' on my bed all day because I was so stiff!. So I was kind of scared but everything went better than I expected because my host family tried their best to teach me how to ski and in the end I could do it!

I was really happy because I have always wanted to be able to ski. A really big thank you to my nice host family.


Here is picture of me while skiing!

March 23, 2012

Nick's March web post

This Month Pop, Tatiana and I went to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie, which is called “Sherlock Holmes: A game of shadows” and is the sequel to the 2009 movie.

We chose to go to the Cinema in Roppongi Hills. Of course Tatiana started the day with being late, but that can’t be a surprise for anybody.


[Peter - pictured is Nick and Pop enjoying some traditional movie snacks!]

After we had bought the tickets, we all wanted some lunch and therefore we choose to visit the McDonalds which was nearby. In the Cinema there were less than 30 people. I found the movie very interesting, even though I think the story in the first one is better. It was very funny after the movie because then I had to explain the plot of the movie to Tatiana and Pop several times. So overall we had a very funny day, which ended at the cheap Italian restaurant Saizeriya.

March 23, 2012

March web post from Tatiana!

Winter is ending! This month was still rather cold, but now I am looking forward to spring coming, and to see the cherry blossoms! It should be soon.

This last month was rather calm, I didn’t go out much, except going to school. We went to the graduation day to see the third year students, but since we didn’t really know them well it was rather long. In the following week we taught English to some of the Jr High school classes, which was quite fun and we studied for the Japanese tests we want to challenge next summer.


I think my main highlight for this month is that I finally bought a Polaroid camera. I had wanted one for a very long time! Since I bought it, I have taken a lot of pictures of everyone in the class.

March 22, 2012

Japan Experience 2012 bookings now being accepted!

We are happy to announce that we are now accepting applications for Japan Experience 2012!


Seiritsu started Japan Experience in 2007, and is now offering applicants the opportunity to go to Hiroshima, as well as a week in Tokyo packed with Manga drawing, Japanese calligraphy, Karate and Kendo, expeditions to Akihabara and the Studio Ghibli anime museum, and much more!

For more information on Japan Experience or to download an application, please click here.

March 22, 2012

Seiritsu high school graduation ceremony


Seiritsu held its graduation ceremony for third year high school students on Sunday March 4th. This is traditionally the final day of school for all graduates and a last chance for all school friends and club members to meet before going to university or working life.


In the main ceremony the principal Fukuda Sensei hands out diplomas to each home room president, while offering some advice for the graduates.


After the main ceremony in the hall, students return to their home rooms to receive their school diplomas and say goodbye one last time. Pictured is class 3K, a toshin (high academic) course class which Peter taught compositional writing to this year.

After the homeroom all the club members meet and say goodbye to the leaving seniors, giving them presents and cards. The graduates then pass on advice the juniors, reminding them to work hard and do their best. Here Richard is pictured with Kakiya Sensei and the Karate club, who said goodbye to seven graduates.

Good luck to everyone for the future!



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