April 25, 2012

Japan Experience! 2012 registrations now being received; hurry to secure your place!

We have now started to receive registrations for this year's Japan Experience! home stay programme.

This fortnight-long experience offers students a once in a lifetime opportunity to come and stay with a home stay family in Tokyo, and learn all about Japan and its culture through exciting activities and excursions.

Places are limited to 10 applicants so please make sure you send us your registration soon to avoid missing out!

For more information about Japan Experience!, or to download a registration pack, please click here.

April 25, 2012

Seiritsu high school entrance ceremony

On April 7th Seiritsu held its entrance ceremony for new 1st year junior high school and senior high school students, signalling the beginning of the new school year.

Much like last year, the weather was beautiful and the cherry blossom was out in full force; they were in their peak viewing bloom!

School club members greeted their new friends, and ushered them into the ceremony where the principal, Fukuda Sensei, gave a welcome speech.

Many of the International students are in first year home rooms this year, so we hope they make a lot of new friends!

April 25, 2012

ID students try out Karate!

At Seiritsu all international students are encouraged to take part with school clubs, or bukatsu, to help them make friends and interact with the school students. Art, soccer, basketball, badminton and futsal have all been popular choices, and last week almost all the international students tried out Karate!

It looks like they had fun:


April 19, 2012

New International Department student: welcome to Seiritsu, Annariina!


I'm Annariina, I'm 17-years old and come from Finland. I love music, singing and fashion and my hobbies are circus, writing and drawing.

Back home in Finland I have two rabbits, they are so cute and round and fluffy; I adore them. I also have a sister, who is one year older than me. We are very close and spend a lot of time together. Actually our circus group just includes me and my sister.

As a person, I'm really shy but positive. When I get to know people better I can be super social and stuff, so mostly I'm shy just when I meet new people or am around new situations.

I came to Japan to get to know the culture and language. I have studied Japanese for a little over a year now, so I'm not very good at it. But I'm eager to learn more.

April 19, 2012

New International Department student: welcome to Seiritsu, Jesse!


Hello, my name is Jesse, and I come from Australia. I am sixteen and my family consists of five members, Mother, Father, my older sister Caity and my younger sister Pippa, and of course myself.

Currently, my hobbies include reading, playing hockey, guitar and saxophone, and also cycling. My strongest subject in school is either mathematics or physics, but I am also learning Japanese and Latin.

I chose to come to Japan not just to learn the language, but also to learn about the amazing culture here, such as the Buddhist and Shinto temples and shrines. But of course the language is an integral part of my stay, as I plan to go to university in Japan, and study robotics.

April 13, 2012

Gabu's spring break web post

In my spring vacation I was resting the most of the time but when I did do something I was running, training or hanging out with my friends or host family.

Gabu hanging out with his host family's princess.

One of the funniest memories I have from Spring break is when I slept over at Nicolas' place when his host family had a house party. I met very interesting people and also Tatiana came to the party. We ate a lot of meat and snacks and had a good time. I also got the chance to try out some of all the cherry blossom food that is all over Japan at the moment.

After Tatiana went home, Nicolas and I talked a lot with some of the guests, who are very funny. They have owned their own restaurant in Tokyo and had a lot of experiences to share with us. Before they left, they promised us to take us to Disney Land or Roppongi next time we see each other.

When all the guests went home and Nicolas' host family went to bed, we ate all the food that was left and drank all the soda too. It was a very fun time and I hope I will be invited again if they have a house party once again.

April 11, 2012

Pop's Spring Break web post

Hi, this is Pop! The spring holiday has ended and the new semester started so I’m going to tell you about what I did this past holiday.


My friends from Kyoto and Kobe came to Tokyo so I traveled around with them. We went to Disneyland first on 29th March. That was my second time there but it was still exciting. We went to so many attractions but the most awesome one in my opinion was Splash Mountain, actually the first time I went to Disneyland I was too scared to ride it but in the end my friends forced me to, so I finally found that there was nothing scary…(of course -_-)!

The attraction that I think I enjoyed the most was Snow white adventure.. I can't describe it [Peter - It's a scary ghost-train style ride which has the scary wicked stepmother trying to escape the seven dwarfs] but I just screamed all the way.. That was my cool spring holiday trip with my cool friends who gave me back my courage.

April 11, 2012

Nick's Spring holiday web post

In the spring holiday, Tatiana, Popp, Gabriel and I walked from Akabane station to Ikebukuro station. Actually Gabriel and I walked from Nishi-kawaguchi, and the girls joined us at Akabane station. We decided to not follow the train rails, because then the trip probably would have been over in less than 3 hours and not have been very interesting.

We had all brought a lot of snacks since everyone was on a budget. We found this nice little park, where we took a break and fooled around in the playground. After we had been walking for about 4 hours, we found a station, which I think was called Oyama, but I can not remember it exactly. We the followed the train track from there, since everybody were starting to get tired. We all had a fun day on a low budget.


April 9, 2012

Tatiana's Spring Vacation post

We had two weeks of holiday, so I took the opportunity to relax from school and slept later than usual in the mornings.

In the first week, we all four exchange students went on a walking trip starting from Akabane, and going in a random direction on the other side of the Arakawa river. We took a lot of group pictures together, and finally ended our trip in Nishi-Kawaguchi. On another day we planned to walk from Akabane to Itabashi station but got a little bit lost and ended up in Ikebukuro. It was very fun anyway!

During the first weekend I went shopping in Harajuku with a friend from France. Since it is spring vacation for a lot of people, the streets were even more crowded than usual, and it was a bit hard to walk around.

In the second week, I went with Pop and her friend from Kyoto to Tokyo Tower. It was the first time I went up there, and I got a little bit scared of the height!


The on the last day of holiday I went to Yoyogi Park to have a picnic with friend and see the sakura. It was not a real hanami yet, but I was still happy to see the flowers. I could also see a lot of them near my house, along the Meguro River. I have always seen sakura flowers when thinking of an image for Japan, so finally seeing them for real was nice.




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