June 25, 2012

Nick's Washimiyasai web post

Seiritsu's annual sports day (called Undoukai in Japanese) was held on a cloudy Monday.

First I had to wake up 5 o’clock in the morning since I live 2 hours away by train from Seiritsu's sports fields. At Akabane station all the Exchange students from Seiritsu had decided to meet and together take the one hour long train ride from there.


After my classmates and I had been in action with this "Typhoon" race (4 people run while holding a bamboo stick) Jesse and I decided to check out what was happening around the giant grass field where the sports day was being held. On our way around the field we meet Gabriel who decided to come with us.


As we were walking (I was doing my Rubik cube while walking since I recently have achieved the skill to solve it), we saw this place where the Sports guys sold soft drinks to 100 yen. Jesse and Gabriel decided to buy a drink, but while they were "negotiating" about a potential discount on the drinks, one of the sports guys saw me puzzling with my Rubik cube. In a split second this guy had introduced me to this other sports guy that also was puzzling with a Rubik cube and arranged a Rubi cube 'street fight' between me and the other Rubik cube puzzling guy.


Unfortunately I was soon to realize that I stood no chance against his well-trained finger motor function and therefore I lost the street fight! But at least I had fun and probably won't be remembered by them as the silent exchange student!

June 25, 2012

Annariina's Undokai Experience!

On Monday June 11th we had Sport's Day, which was super fun!

I think that the only negative things about it was that it was bit cold during the morning and that I needed to wake up at 5:00 am.


There were several activities that all the classes did, but I was only in one – the rope jumping, since I couldn't do rope pulling [tug of war- Peter]. The rope jumping was fun, almost the whole class jumped at the same time and tripped so many times. I was happy I wasn't the one who failed; I wouldn't have wanted to be the only one taking scores from our team!

Since I was only taking part in one thing I had a lot of free time. So we walked around the field, talking to people. Basically the whole time we only either walked or stalked people while talking and taking ridiculous photos.


It was a lot of fun and I loved the deep conversations with Pop! :)


It also was a lot different sport's day compared to Finnish one, but I definitely prefer this one.

Well, in the end our team, the green one, won!

June 22, 2012

Gabu's Washimiyasai web post

The 11th of June, I and all the exchange students went to Sports Festival. We had to get up EARLY in the morning, some of us around 5 in the morning.


We [the international students] decided to meet at Akabane the same morning but it turned out that two of us were late and our group had to go through the travelling part ourselves. We took the Utsunomiya Line to the Higashi – Washinomiya station which would take around 1 hour. On the train we talked and Nicolas and Jesse tried to help me resolve the big mystery of the Rubik Cube [a Rubik's Cube is a puzzle where you have to move smaller squares around in order to make each side just one colour - Peter].


The train was packed so it was hard to move around and also the other two students tried to find us in this mess, but it was useless. It was also very hot in the train I think, I saw a lot of students that started sweating and getting a bit red in their face because the air was very thick. Then the worst thing that could actually happen occurred. The train stopped and the power was cut. Meaning air conditioners, lights went out leaving all the passengers in the train, in a heat that was indescribable. We had no other choice then to wait and after what at least felt like hours, the train started again and suddenly we arrived at the station and started walking to the fields!


Except the transportation there, the Sports Festival was a very funny day and I had a lot of fun. I found the dragging rope [tug of war] most fun because I thought that our class would be really bad at it but surprised ourselves and actually won against three other teams before losing!

June 22, 2012

Jesse's Undokai experience!

Jesse here!

The fabled Japanese “Undoukai” is the sports day that has the coolest sports, but is also strangely regimented and formalized. You begin the day by showing up to the ground early, meeting with your home room and then everyone lining up together [Jesse shares his Japanese homeroom with Nicolas, in 1C - this is Seta Sensei's class and it was in the Yellow group - Peter]. So far, so normal.


Then everyone starts to march in place, ok… stay calm, act cool. This ends, and you bow, as is the tradition in Japan, and listen to a short speech with the usual “がんばれ” (Good luck/try hard) in it. Then you assume that it’s over, and you all now split up and start to do sports. No, don’t be ridiculous. IT’S SERITZ TAISO TIME!

Everyone moves a few meters away from each other, and does the strange dance-gymnastics-stretching hybrid that is Seiritz Taiso. It’s both humiliating and oddly relaxing, in that you look like an idiot, but everyone else does too. And then, and only then, do you split into your groups and finish the opening ceremony.


After the Ceremony has finished, you don't do running or traditional track and field events like at home- they are more like games that test you in a sporting way and encourages team work.


I had fun!

June 22, 2012

Pop's Undokai Experience!

Hello. This is Pop :)

This month is June, and the weather has become warmer. It’s time for the Sport Festival!


On June 11th, the school's Sports Festival was held at Seiritsu Gakuen's training grounds in Washimiya. The class which I was in (1E) is in Purple team [all classes throughout the school are divided into 5 different colours- blue, red, yellow, green and purple - Peter] . The activity I had to do was pulling the rope - a tug of war. It was in the afternoon so during the morning I walked around with other exchange students and took a lot of pictures of us and also with Japanese students. I got a small bruise at my wrist from the tug of war event but it was fun. Even though my team lost in pulling rope, in the end we placed 2nd after the green team. It was a very good experience.

I had so much fun from this festival!

June 20, 2012

3rd place for Girl's Karate Team!

At last weekend's All-Japan High School Interhigh Qualifiers, the Seiritsu Girl's Karate Team took 3rd place for Team Kumite!

Teikyo High School won that team kumite event.

The Boy's Team Kumite Final was again Setagaya and Hozen, with Setagaya just winning it.

The whole Seiritsu karate team. The 3rd year students now 'retire' from the club to focus on studying for final exams plus university entrance exams. Good luck!

June 19, 2012

Tatiana's Washimiyasai Experience!

On Monday June 11, we had the school’s sports festival. The day was quite cloudy, and it rained a little bit, but in a way that’s a good thing because we didn’t get sunburn or heat stroke.


I was expecting to do some boring sports like in the sports days I have had before, but in Japan it is totally different! The competitions look more like games, so it wasn’t boring at all!
I participated in the long skipping rope and the whole-class relay parts with my homeroom. We didn’t win any of the competitions, but the important part was that we had fun together and could build some team spirit!


The whole-class relay was really interesting to see, we all had a different thing to do. I was in the “oni no pantsu” team, so one of my classmate and I had to put on a very big bag around ourselves and run together. Because of the bag we could not take big steps, so it was a little bit hard to run. In addition, the grass was all wet from the rain, so it was quite slippery! The other parts of the relay were carrying someone on a bamboo stick, on someone’s back, a sack race, and a 3-legged race; the last runner had to put on a power ranger costume and take the class flag before running his lap. It was quite fun to do, and very weird to watch!
At the end of the day, my class took a group picture.


It was a very fun day! Even though we didn’t do much actual sport, I was quite tired at the end.

June 18, 2012

Japan Experience 2012 cancelled

It's with a heavy heart the school must cancel this year's Japan Experience Program.

While we had lots of interest, the high yen and concerns over radiation have caused some people we expected to register to want to wait until later to come to Japan.

To all those people who have supported the JE program to now, thank you.

Just for clarification, Japan is quite safe, thousands of environmental tests are done everyday by government and non-government groups all over the country, which background radation normally being lower than that found in Hong Kong or New York.

Seiritsu still welcomes any students or schools that want to visit us should they be visiting Japan. We can always arrange lessons in the following; manga drawing, tea ceremony, martial arts, conversational language, taiko drumming and many more.

If anyone has any questions, please contact us anytime. For those students who have paid the registration fee, a full refund will be provided.

June 8, 2012

Japan Experience! 2012 will have... Japanese Cooking!!

Only 7 days left until the registration deadline! Time is running out!

As we count down to the registration deadline for Japan Experience! 2012, we are reliving some great memories of previous years by showing activities that everyone can do during their stay.

Today, we are showing a picture of our popular Japanese Cooking class!


During this class participants can make all sorts of traditional Japanese food, such as sushi pockets, rice, yakitori (skewered chicken and vegetables), and takoyaki (breaded and fried octopus balls). What is better is that you can eat what ever you make, yum!

To partake in this cooking class, as well as manga drawing, exciting tours, and so much more, download your registration pack for Japan Experience! 2012 by clicking here.

June 6, 2012

Japan Experience! 2012 will have... Manga Drawing!

Only 9 days left until the registration deadline! Don't miss out!

In the run-up to the Japan Experience! 2012 registration deadline, we are showing some great events that all participants can take part in.

Always a very big hit, here you can see all our Japan Experience! 2010 students learning how to draw manga!


The manga classes are taught by professional manga artists from Manga University. These people have many years of experience, and the participants are always amazed with how their pictures stand out after the classes!

For more information on Manga University, please click here. To download your registration pack for Japan Experience! 2012, click here.

June 5, 2012

Jump....! At Sport's Day Practice

Yesterday the entire school, from 1st year junior high to the graduating 3rd year high school students, took part in a 3 hour sport's day practice at a huge city hall owned dirt soccer field about 10 minutes by foot from the school.

Lots of different things were practiced, including the ever popular group jump rope!

Sport's Day (also known as Taiku-sai, Undokai, or in our school, Washimiya-sai since it will be held at the school's training ground in Washimiya) is this Saturday. If there is rain, it will be next week on Wednesday.

All the international students are participating with their home rooms and I think they are looking forward to all the crazy events a Japanese sport's day is known for that they can participate in.



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