December 13, 2012

Annariina's December web post

Annariina here,

It is December already, but I have been struck down with cold for the past few weeks! However, previous to this on 25th of November when I went to Sanrio PuroLand with my friend Yuri.


We met at Harajuku around 1pm where we took the metro to Tama Center where PuroLand is situated. Since Yuri had sales tickets to use after 3pm, we first went to eat some crepes and take purikura. After 3 we headed to the actual PuroLand and it was so cute! It was like a whole little world of just cute, pink, Hello Kitty stuff. We just walked around the place and were talking about how everything was so cute and. We took pictures with Hello Kitty’s boyfriend, Daniel, and went to Hello Kitty’s house where we took pictures with Hello Kitty. Since the place itself was kinda small and well more like a family place for younger children, we walked around a bit more and saw one show about making cakes and stuff, before we left.


After we left we took more purikura, talked about when we should meet again and how us girls (Yuri, Kie - another friend of mine - and I) should all have a karaoke party during Christmas holidays. I’m really looking forward to that!



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