January 24, 2013

Jeremy's school and soccer one-week trial!

Richard here,

With his dreams set on being a professional soccer player, 14 year old Jeremy and his mom Belinda are here from Australia so that Jeremy can try-out the school classes and soccer club training for a week in order to determine if he wants to apply to Seiritsu next year.

His schedule has been roughly participating in regular Japanese and international English classes in the morning, which includes helping to teach English to the junior high school students through group conversation, and then in the afternoons he is putting in 3 to 5 hours of soccer training.

While it's not Jeremy's first time in Japan, it is his first time to see snow, and he might see a lot more before he leaves on Sunday since the weather has been threatening to snow again since the big powder delivery Tokyo received last week.

Here's Jeremy in a junior high class having a laugh with the students while asking them questions.

January 17, 2013

Snow in Tokyo!

The weather took a decidedly wintry turn this week as the Kanto region was covered in up to 8 inches of snow, the heaviest snowstorm to hit the area in 7 years!

The front gates of the Kitanomaru Gardens and Nippon Budokan

Fortunately, or unfortunately for some, the snowstorm hit on 'Coming of Age Day', which is when all those who turn 20 - and legally an adult - attend ceremonies in suits and lavish kimono. While the snow provided a beautiful setting for their celebration, it also seized up most of Tokyo's highways and train lines.

Coming of Age Day is a national holiday, which meant that Seiritsu was closed that day, but the following day students and staff alike worked hard to clear the sidewalks and grounds of the slowly melting snow. Of course, some students took the opportunity to throw a few snowballs!

The school soccer and tennis clubs clearing the center courts. Now that's dedication!

Post by Peter, International Department Coordinator

January 14, 2013

Chase's winter holiday web post

During the winter break my mother and little brother came from Canada to spend the holidays with me.

During the two weeks they were here we did many fun things like going to Ueno Zoo where we saw pandas and Gorillas, Tokyo Bay Aquarium with its huge shark and tuna tanks, Tokyo Tower which gave us a good view of Fuji Mountain and the rest of Tokyo.

On New Years Eve we went to the local shrine and participated in the usual New Year tradition of donating some money and praying, getting our fortune, and ringing the huge temple bell. There were also many booths selling different kinds of food, souvenirs and drink.

While we did do many things while my family was here for the holidays, the most enjoyable thing we did was going to Disney World for the first day of the New Year. My little brother who just turned three years old, absolutely loved getting to see the big Disney Characters signing autographs and going on the surprisingly numerous rides aimed for children around is age. Overall my holiday break was really fun and I am really glad my family could make it here to celebrate with me.

Happy New Year everyone!

January 10, 2013

Annariina's winter holiday web post

Web post

The winter holidays went by so fast! It feels a bit like I didn't have holiday at all.

The New Years was an interesting and fun experience. I went to my host family's grandmother's place with them and we stayed there for four days. When we arrived on the 31st we met my host siblings cousins and went to eat sushi with them, after that we just relaxed and watched TV together (o^^o). We watched that red and white show ("kohaku uta gassen"), which I had heard about, and it was so nice when there were even some artists and bands that I knew and liked performing!

Close to midnight I went to a shrine with my host mom, just to look around because it was so crowded. It definitely was a different New Year celebration for me, no fireworks or party – more like a nice day with relatives.

On the 1st we went to a long car ride, just driving close to the sea and such. On the 2nd I met even more my host family's relatives! I have no idea who all of them were or how they were related, but they were all so nice. We all went to the same shrine that I visited with my host mom earlier, and lined up to toss the coin and pray (^人^).

The last day we went to karaoke with just my host family and their grandmother. It was fabulous, I've missed karaoke so much and it was actually so much fun to sing songs with my host family (ノ^O^)ノ~♪

It was an awesome trip and I really enjoyed so much, but also got bit tired. It was very nice to get home and crawl under my blankets and eat chocolate :*:・( ̄∀ ̄)・:*:



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