June 24, 2013

Seiritsu Boys win Tokyo Soccer Championships!

Saturday's semi-final PK line-up.

On Sunday, the Seiritsu boy's soccer A team won the summer Tokyo High School Championships to qualify for the huge August All-Japan Inter-High Tournament. It has been 8 years since the team participated in the prestigious Inter-High event, when the number one clubs for all sports gather in one prefecture for what is essentially a high school mini-Olympics.

Photo from Saturday's semi-final.

After a nail-biting win over Teikyo in the semi-finals on Saturday that was decided 5-3 with penalty kicks after drawing 0-0 in regular time, the boys then beat Koga Gakuin High School 2 to 1 in Sunday's final.

From now they will start getting ready for the Inter-High, which will be held this year in Nagasaki.
Good work and good luck!

June 24, 2013

Chase's Early June Experiences

Chase here!

So recently I got to try out a new type of food, Okonomiyaki, which you get a bunch ingredients (inlcuding raw egg...), mix them together and then pour it onto the grill to cook it. afterwards we also cooked a parfait on the grill as well, which seemed odd because it has ice cream in it but it was still was really good.


This type of cooking on a grill originates from Osaka and can be dated back as early as the Edo period, however there are many different styles that have been developed region to region over the years.

I really enjoyed being able to eat a new food, even though I was a bit apprehensive about the raw egg, and will most likely eat it again if I get the chance!

June 17, 2013

Binita's Early June Webpost

Binita here!

The other day, my host family took me to the Nikko World Heritage Site in Tochigi prefecture, almost 2 hours away by train. It was raining up in the mountains, but a little water couldn't dampen the beauty of the area.


The bulk of Nikko is made up of a collection of Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines all clustered together. The shrine that most people come specifically to see is the Toshogu Shrine, erected in honour of the most famous shogun, Tokugawa Ieyasu. With the pass my host family bought, we were given the opportunity to go inside some of the buildings to a certain degree, which was really interesting to see! Even though cameras weren't allowed inside with us, I won't soon forget the quiet grace of the shrines and temples!

The Nikko Tourist Association's English webpage can be found here, along with short summaries of the historical significance of each site.

Until next time, cheers!

June 14, 2013

Connor's School Sports Festival webpost

Hi! Connor here,

On Saturday June 8 I participated in my very first Japanese style sports day. It was very different from a typical Australian sports day, which usually consists of events featured at the Olympics such as discus, long jump and sprints. Instead the Japanese sports day had various events that I had never ever experienced in my life! A personal favourite was the jump rope, where 20 people from the same home room lined up in sets of two and attempted to jump each time the rope swung around. My group ended up getting a total of 70 jumps!


Sadly, My purple team ended up coming 2nd to the blue by 70 points, but all in all it was an incredibly fun day full of new experiences!

June 5, 2013

Recent Karate Club Successes!

Seiritsu's Karate club has enjoyed some good results recently!

In April, the senior high school girl's team placed 3rd for team kumite in the East Tokyo spring tournament, which means that they will compete at the Kanto region competition on June 8-9!


Also stepping up to the mark is the junior high school girl's team, who placed 3rd for team kumite in the Junior High School East Tokyo tournament!



Well done, and good luck to the HS girls for the regionals. Ganbatte!

International Department Coordinator

June 5, 2013

Seiritsu Sports Festival - practice run

On Tuesday June 4, the high school year groups of Seiritsu went to the Soccer and Baseball grounds in Washinomiya in order to practice for this weekend's Sports Festival. The sun was beating down and the wind was fresh, so everyone was in high spirits!

International student Binita is joining in with the team jump-rope event.

The Sports Festival is a key event in the Japanese academic calendar and most, if not all, our international students comment on how different and fun it is!

Do you want to experience all the fun events of Seiritsu? why not apply for our Gap Studies programme; you can experience sports festivals, summer festivals, culture festivals, and so much more!

International Department Coordinator



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