September 27, 2013

Fairhills High School visit from Australia

Seiritsu had the pleasure of hosting 8 students and 2 teachers from Fairhills High School (Melbourne, Australia) for two days this month during their 3 week tour of Japan. This is the second year in the row Fairhills students have visited us. Each student was partnered with one of our Japanese students and they spent the day together in classes and during lunch.

In the afternoon, the students were able to try the Japanese tea ceremony and some Japanese calligraphy, even taking home some of presents consisting of their own artwork. In addition, they were given performances by karate club, brass band and dance club.

The students seemed to have had a really enjoyable time as even a few tears appeared when the final good-byes were shared on the last day.

We hope the students and teachers continue to have a great trip exploring Japan and we look forward to another group from Fairhills next year.

If other schools are planning to tour Japan and they would like to visit Seiritsu as well, please feel free to contact us.

We can include special events for visiting students including Japanese language lessons and manga/anime drawing workshops in addition to offering the opportunity for visiting students to make friends with local students while participating in Seiritsu school life.

International Staff

September 25, 2013

Seiritsu's Synchronised Swimming Medalist!

Congratulations to our first year high school student Sakiko Akutsu, who took bronze in two major synchronised swimming competitions in August!

Akutsu san managed third at the "The 36th National Junior Olympic JOC Cup Swimming Summer Games" for the team event, where she also achieved fourth place in solo routine and sixth in pairs.

At the "Japan Synchro Challenge Cup" she took bronze for the team event, while ranking 12th for solo; this was an open category and she was competing against adults, so to rank so high is a real achievement!

Well done again Akutsu San!

International Department Coordinator

September 13, 2013

11 kilometers from the 2020 Olympic Stadium!

2020 Tokyo Olympic official website.

When our students are asked in their classes if they are happy about Tokyo being awarded the 2020 Summer Olympic Games, well over 80% of them seem quite happy about the idea. Some have said they're really looking forward to it because they will be young adults in their 20s when the Games take place.

Seiritsu is actually located very close to the future Olympic Stadium, as it is only 11 kilometers away from our campus, an easy 30 minutes by train.

When the 1964 Tokyo Olympics took place, the city brought thousands of local students to events for free, so perhaps students of the school in 2020 - including international students - will also have the same opportunity.

On a more curious note, will some of our many student athletes be representing Japan in the 2020 Games...?

International Dept Staff

September 11, 2013

What did you do in the summer break, Connor?

Hey all, Connor here again;

Mid-July was finally the start of the Summer holidays, but also the start of a strenuous schedule for all the students who take part in the soccer club!

As there were no classes, we were often playing 2 games per day, or training twice a day. It was exhausting; particularly in the incredibly humid heat of Japan that regularly hit the 35C mark. Drinking water was the most satisfying thing in the world!

In mid July I went home to see my family and have my braces taken off. It was amazing to see my friends again and have English back on signposts, books etc. Also, being able to eat a big steak was wonderful.


The backs of Manchester United stars Ryan Giggs, what looks like Nemanja Vidić and possibly Phil Jones among the coaching staff.

Also, during my time back in Sydney, Manchester United were touring and I happened to play some golf with them by complete chance!

I also attended the State of Origin, which is a Rugby League Series between the state of New South Wales and Queensland!


September 10, 2013

Connor's Interhigh Report

Hello there, Connor here!

The start of August was very important for the soccer club, as we had qualified for the Inter High School Championships in Fukuoka for the first time for nine years.

So for support, all soccer club members went down to cheer for the team!Our first match was against team from Osaka, but unfortunately they took an early goal and ended up winning the game, with Seiritsu being knocked out of the tournament. Although the tournament did not go as planned, it was a great experience for everyone.

Connor bonding with his team mates

We had some spare time in Fukuoka, which we used to eat the world famous ramen and go to the beach (which, although not quite as nice as Bondi Beach in Australia, had golden sand!)


All in all, this month was exhausting with all of the training and playing we continue to do during summer holidays.

See ya next time!

September 6, 2013

Update on Pro Athlete, Michael Fitzgerald

Alumni (2008) Michael Fitzgerald has been a professional football (soccer) athlete since graduation, and he frequently stops by the school when he's playing in Tokyo.

Just recently he became a Japanese citizen, and after being loaned out to several teams, he has back on the main roster for his home club, Albirex Niigata.

Japan has several soccer leagues, the top being J-1, and just under that J-2.

Michael's professional journey so far has been as follows;

Michael signed with Albirex Niigata (J-1) in 2008.

He was then on loan for the 2009 season with the Japan Soccer College, also in Niigata.

For the 2010-2011, he was on load to Zweigen Kanazawa.

Then for the 2012-2013 season he was on loan to V-Varen Nagasaki (J-2).

Now for the 2013, he's back at Albirex as a Japanese athlete (there are only a limited number of non-Japanese athletes a team can have in comparison).

His player's name is 舞行龍 (Michael) ジィームズ (James)

A comment from Michael:
It has been a long time, but I am finally playing in J1, I would like to thank all the people who have supported me and help me on this journey. I'm looking forward to the challenges ahead and there is still a lot for me to do, but happy to have started my dream.

Thanks again,

September 4, 2013

Japanese Language Proficiency Test application window now open!

The Japanese Language Proficiency Test, also known as the JLPT, is now accepting applications for the the winter 2013 test for people who want to test in Japan!

The application window opened September 2 and will close by October 2. The test itself will be held on Sunday December 1, in centers located throughout Japan. The test is also available at selected testing centers worldwide.


At Seiritsu, we encourage all our gap study students to try the test, as not only does it give them a goal to achieve during their time in Japan, but it also helps when applying to Universities in Japan as well as other institutes that teach Japanese in their home country! We base our language curriculum on the test criteria, so that our students are as prepared as possible. They also have the unique advantage of being able to immediately use what they have learned to talk to their Japanese classmates and home stay families!

The JLPT is the most widely taken Japanese language test in the world, with over 600,000 entrants in 2011 alone. It measures the ability to recognise Kanji, grammar and vocabulary, as well as testing listening comprehension. Its difficulty ranges from beginner (N5) to near-fluent (N1), and is a great way of registering your language skill.

Do you want to come to Japan and seriously improve your Japanese? Why not try our Gap Studies programme!

Otherwise, more information about taking the JLPT can be found here.

International Department Coordinator

September 3, 2013

Home stay in Australia!

Over the summer break from August 18 to 28, 13 students participated in the annual 'Home Stay in Australia'. There were 11 high school students and 2 junior high students.

7 days were spent in Bathurst, a smal,l former mining town 3 hours west of Sydney over the Blue Mountains. Students did activities during the day like sightseeing, horseback riding, panning for gold and a whole day visit to All-Saints School.

At night and on the weekend they spent time with their home stay families, which for some included feeding cattle, visiting a chocolate factory and shooting pool.

The students enjoyed final 2 dayssightseeing in Sydney, during which the weather was perfect.

Everyone seems to have had a great time and many said they didn't want to leave! Perhaps some will participate again next year...



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