November 22, 2013

Connor says goodbye to the Soccer 3rd years!

Hey Connor here,

Last Saturday was the climactic end to what Seiritz soccer club had been preparing for; many weeks training had stepped up a gear, the mood in the camp was very good and the winning the final game in the qualification for the National High Schools soccer winter tournament looked an achievable feat.

On the day of the game, no one seemed intimidated by the thought of playing in front of a packed-out stadium, but as the game against Shutoku progressed it became apparent that the match was incredibly close. Unfortunately, Seiritsu were defeated in the last few minutes of Extra Time with the game ending in a 4-3 win to Shutoku. This meant the 3rd year students career at high school level was finished and their final training session was to be held the following Tuesday.

On Tuesday the whole club gathered in a room, which was too small to accommodate everyone but we managed to all fit, and one by one the coaches made a speech highlighting the special moments with the leaving 3rd Years and joking about the not so special. All in all the Third Year students were all quite emotional having trained and played with the coaches at the Washimiya grounds for the past three years and some tears were shed.

However, this now opens up many positions for next years "A" Team, for which all the players will train to enter!

See You Next Time!

November 20, 2013

Boys soccer team 2nd place finish

Seiritsu scores on Shutoku!

In the Tokyo High School City League final A block game, the Seiritsu Boys A team barely lost in overtime 3-4 to Shutoku High School. It was a very exciting game and the team played well, right to the last overtime minute.

Almost the entire school, with many alumni and parents, supported the team from the stands and the student's voices carried throughout the stadium as they loudly sang songs for each of the players on the field.

The graduating 3rd years now 'retire' from the club to focus on their university entrance exams, university club try-outs and for some, even pro contract try-outs.



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