December 13, 2013

Christmas is coming, and 3rd year final exams

The winter season has finally arrived, and everyone all around Tokyo has started to wrap up in their thermal clothing and down jackets. Although the temperature in Kanto is actually not too low (it is about 8 degrees Celsius at the time of writing), it is the cold dry wind from the north west that really has everyone tightening their scarves. It's very name, karakkaze, sounds bitter!

At Seritsu, all students are taking their 4th term exams this week. For the third year senior high school students this is especially important, as these are also their graduation exams; they must pass these exams to complete their school education. Although many students have already taken their university entrance exams, there are still plenty that are still preparing, in particular those who are applying for the elite universities such as Waseda and Todai. Good luck everyone!


However, this winter chill is no reason to stay indoors and under the kotatsu (a heated table with a rug skirt you can hide under), for Tokyo takes Christmas decorations just as seriously as any other major city. Here are a few attractions that will get anyone in the festive mood...

Tokyo Skytree Town Illuminations


(Photo source: T-mizo via Flickr)

As well as getting a birds-eye view of wintery Tokyo from Skytree's observation deck, the 'town' of shopping malls have also been made over so that you can enjoy the illuminations while buying your Christmas presents. You can even browse the foodstalls for some traditional Bavarian treats!
More information: Timeout Tokyo

Roppongi Hills 10th Anniversary Christmas Illumination

This year Roppongi Hills celebrates their 10th year anniversary with the "Roppongi Hills 10th Anniversary Christmas" illumination event featuring light up displays in three areas: along Keyakizaka Street, in the Mori Garden and on 66 Plaza, the main plaza in front of the Mori Tower.

More information: (Japanese)

Tokyo Dome City


Tokyo Dome City's winter illumination features an impressive collection of light up displays and events that can be enjoyed around Tokyo Dome and the adjacent amusement park. One of the longest illuminations in the city, the event lasts for over one hundred days and ends after Valentine's Day.
More Information: (Japanese)

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