March 21, 2014

Richard's last day (2005-2014)


Richard here,

It's been a really wonderful 9+ years at Seiritsu! My two main job hats, international department manager & karate club head coach, have been full of rewarding experiences.

My warm thanks to all the teachers, front office staff, kindergarten, Peter (!), students past & present and of course the many wonderful people I have had the pleasure to interact with both here in Tokyo, and abroad.

It's bitter sweet to leave, as I truly love Tokyo and feel very at home here.

But as one door closes, another opens, and I will be opening that door wide by starting a new karate dojo in Canada with a national team coach from September, while also continuing to work as a study abroad agent, plus continue to plug away at my PhD with Tokyo University of Foreign Studies from a distance now that my course work is complete.

However, I'm not disconnecting with Japan, as I will continue to work on projects with Seiritsu, of course I have the whole karate world I'm interacting with, and my first English karate manga is coming out in June!

So everyone, keep in touch and follow my new activities via these websites. (personal blog) (new dojo in Victoria, BC Canada) (karate manga)

'The sky is beautiful, the rice tastes great & karate is more than fun..........'

Jya, mata ne!


March 7, 2014

Congratulations Seiritsu Gakuen Class of 2014!

Seiritsu's high school graduation ceremony for the class of 2014 was held on March 2. Three years of hard work, friendship, study, laughter and tears all culminated to the final joint event of the school.


This year's graduates have been particularly close knit, and the ceremony was considerably more emotional than usual.


After the graduating classes filed into the hall, the class representatives were issued their class diplomas, songs were sung, the principal Fukuda kocho sensei issued a speech, as did the former and present student council president.


Certain students also received certificates of recognition for their achievements during their time at Seiritsu. International student En Muan is receiving his certificate in recognition of reaching the national representatives for basketball.


After the ceremony, graduating students went back to their home rooms for one last goodbye and to receive their individual diplomas.



Outside, the school clubs and associations gathered to say goodbye to their graduating senpai, with many a photo taken and gift exchanged.



In the karate club we said goodbye to our seven senior club members.


Everyone, congratulations on your graduation, thank you for the memories, and good luck for your future adventures.



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