April 25, 2014

New Seiritsu International Student: Welcome, Jeremy!

Hello! This is Jeremy Carpenter and it is a pleasure for me to introduce myself.


I am 15 and started off living In a small town call Cowra, (population 5000) to moving to Sydney then Japan! Crazy right? No not really. I always have had two dreams in life; 1: To pursue my career in football and be successful 2: To experience life, culture and the world. I am doing both right now, which is amazing!


Life in the Higashi-washinomiya can be tough at first. However, once you start to develop a rhythm, and you know your assigned jobs, life can be easier. You can then start to mix in amongst the group and enjoy the experience for what it is! However, training for me hasn't begun yet due to my frustrating injury, which has been greatly looked after and treated by Morioka coach and Sawaguchi Sensei (the club physiotherapist). I cannot thank them enough.

I am very excited about what the future holds for me here in Japan.

April 11, 2014

Student Post: Connor's Spring Holiday

Hello everyone, Connor here;


After another term of school, all of the students were eager to finally get a long break! But, there was no sun bathing on beaches or sleeping in for the students involved in the football club. The start of the holidays meant more time for football and that's exactly what I did, either training or playing a game for 6 days of the week.


On top of all our training, our team attended a training and game camp at the end of March in Yamanashi-ken here we played a total of 5 games over 3 days. Out of the five games Seiritsu won 4, only losing to Yamanashi University. All in all, the camp was another good experience where i was able to meet and play against players from all over Japan and also improve as a player.


Although soccer took up the majority of my time during Spring break I was still able to go out and see some of the unique things Japan has on offer and spend time with my mother who was visiting from Australia! Over the short period that she was here we went and saw the Imperial Palace, Shinjuku and dined in a fine Italian restaurant in Yotsuya.

Overall, it was quite a great Spring break getting to do the things I enjoy most and being able to see my family. But, now with the school year already upon us it is time for me to improve my Japanese and my all-round academic progress!


April 11, 2014

New Teacher, Brent Regan


Hello everyone. My name is Brent Regan. I am from Calgary, Canada. I came to Japan in 1997 on a working holiday visa to further my karate training. To make a long story short, I became an English teacher and was able to continue practicing karate here in Japan. I got married along the way and now we have a son.

As an English teacher, I have taught all ages of students - from babies to seniors. And I have taught all kinds of levels, including returnee classes in junior and senior high. I try to enjoy every moment of every day so I prefer to run bright, energetic classes. Many of my students have developed a liking for English and an open attitude.

I have made many wonderful friends here. One of them was a fellow Canadian who also practices karate. In fact, he was teaching karate at a high school called Seiritsu. His name is Richard Mosdell and through him I met another friend, Peter, a few years later. Thanks to them, I was introduced to Seiritsu Gakuen and now I find myself being a member of the Seiritsu family.

I am really excited about working here and getting involved with all of the wonderful staff, students, and visitors. Wish me luck!

April 8, 2014

Seiritsu School Entrance Ceremony 2014

Monday April 7 saw the beginning of Seiritsu's school year with the junior and senior high school entrance ceremony. The weather was perfect for the occasion, and even the cherry blossoms had kindly waited, releasing their petals like celebratory confetti on the hundreds of students enrolling in the latest part of their academic journey.



The new students, along with family, congregated in the main hall and were introduced to their home room teachers by the principal, Fukuda kocho, in a formal ceremony.



After the ceremony, the students were lead to their new classrooms and given their introduction packs by their teachers. Then, they had their class photo taken outside in the court, and were greeted by various school clubs, to invite them to try out their sport or activity. Of course, the karate club was there in enthusiastic force!



We are looking forward to getting to know everyone, and wish everyone good luck for this year!

Peter Williams
International Department Coordinator



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