May 20, 2014

Connor's update

Hi guys,

Now I'm back in to the swing of things and, with the start of school, things have been a lot busier! Obviously with this year being my 2nd year at Seiritsu, there is further emphasis placed on my academic studies - which includes increasing my participation in normal classes and tests - so I have had to invest more effort than last year in the classroom and at home to keep on top of my increased workload.

It has also been quite an enjoyable experience to be working with Brent, my new Japanese and history teacher and hopefully we can continue to achieve good results.

In terms of soccer, April and May means the start of all our leagues and tournaments. Currently we have played only a few rounds but our results have been quite good with 4 wins out of 5. My own performances have been quite good so far, netting twice from the number 10 position.

That's it for now!


May 16, 2014

Best Baseball team in Tokyo!!

We had some terrific news at the end of April. The Seiritsu Baseball Team managed to score a victory at the spring tournament. That put them in first place in all of Tokyo. To put that into perspective, there are a total of 270 teams in the Tokyo area!! And they made it to the top!! Way to go!!!

We did not manage to win the most recent round in May, so we will be trying to make the summer Koshien event. Everything starts on July 5th.

Go Seiritz Go!!


May 9, 2014

Jezza's soccer match report: Seiritsu v Koga Sankou (Saturday May 3)

Hey Jezza here,


Koga Sankou vs Seiritzu Gakuen:

On Saturday May 3 we were away at Koga's home ground which is situated just outside Kurihashi, just a 25 minute drive from the dorm.

In the first half we had few good chances and outplayed the other team possession-wise. We also utilised space very well and some pinpoint accuracy balls lead to some great plays. no goals though so we ended the half 0-0.

However, the second half started with a bang! Great combination play in the front third lead to a well placed finish to make it 1-0, however a misplaced pass in our half lead to a costly equalizer for Koga Sankou.

After that a goalkeeper error and poor defense lead to another goal for the opposition, making it 2-1. Unfortunately some persistence wasn't enough to take the win the game; it ended with a score of 2-1.

Overall, it was a great game but chances weren't taken. There is always room to improve!!

May 9, 2014

Tokyo team

We have some exciting news! One of our international students, Hu YinYao, has been chosen to tryout for the Tokyo Basketball Team!

That's excellent news!

He will be working hard to be chosen as a member and perhaps representing Tokyo at the games in Kyushu in October. Join us in wishing him lots of luck!

Photo: That's Hu wearing number 10 and jumping for the ball.




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