June 30, 2014

Jeremy's family visit web post

Hey Jezza here!

Last week was quite an exciting and enjoyable one for me. I saw my family and Seiritz played the final of the Inter High qualifiers. It was fantastic!


Last Wednesday, my family arrived in Japan and throughout the week we had many fun outings; going to Shinjuku sports shop, having a nice lunch/dinner as well as watching some training for the Inter High qualifier games.


Towards the end of the visit on the weekend my sister (Ellie) and dad (Scott) came to watch the two matches, where we won the first and narrowly lost the second. Both games were good to watch and to "see the level that the school is at" as dad explained to me.


At the end of this great week my sister also trained with the girls soccer program and had a great time.


Overall the week was great because I saw my family as well as spent some valuable time with them which is quite rare in my case.

Couldn't have gone better!


June 27, 2014

Seiritsu Soccer Club Qualify for Inter High!

Seiritsu's boys soccer club has qualified for the national Inter High sports championships for the second time running, beating Kokushikan High School 1-0 in a thrilling Tokyo city semi final, held on June 22.


The Inter High championships is one of the most prestigious events in Japan's high school sporting calendar, where various sporting disciplines are represented by each prefecture's top high school representatives. It can be thought of as a sort of mini-olympics.


Although Seiritsu lost to Komazawa Daigaku High School 2-1 in the Tokyo city final the following day, we can look forward to competing with Japan's best next month.



This year the ten-day-long event will be held in Yamanashi prefecture from August 2nd, where Seiritsu's first opponents will be Yamaguchi prefecture's Takagawa Gakuen.

Ganbaro! Good luck!

June 25, 2014

Seiritsu Karate Club - Good luck, final year students!

On June 15th Seiritsu's karate club entered into the Inter High Tokyo area qualifiers. Everyone tried really hard, and managed to progress more than in previous tournaments, well done!


However, only the very top finalists are able to carry on and represent Tokyo at Inter High, and Nitsurugaoka, Teikyo, Setagaya and Hosei High Schools between them occupied all the qualifying spots. Congratulations!

This tournament marks the end of the current third year high school students' karate club career, as now they must 'retire' to start the hard work of preparing for university entrance exams. We wish them all the best luck in their endeavors.


To everyone else, Otsukaresamadeshita! (Good job, you worked hard!) Now you have to prepare for the summer camp!

June 18, 2014

Connor's June Blog Post

Connor here,

After another long and hard week of exams had ended, the next major event on the Seiritsu calendar was the annual sports festival. The event was scheduled for the 11th of June at the Washimiya Ground (this is where the sports programme athletes live and train). In preparation for the day, many classes began practicing very early but being part of the athlete program my class had little time to go over our events due to our Football training. so our preparation for the event was lacking. As June 11th approached there were question marks on whether or not the event would go ahead as the Rainy season had just hit the country and there were days of continuous rain in the lead up to the 11th.


However, finally the day arrived, albeit under a sky that looked like it could rain any second, and the events were underway. The second years' event was the 'Bo (pole) pulling', which involved two teams lying on their stomachs at each end of the sports field with a number of bamboo Bo laid out in the middle, the teams would then run to the middle and bring back as many bows as possible. My class 2A, eased through the first few games and qualified for the final in a convincing manner with our opponents being the other athlete class 2B. Unfortunately, with some confusion with the starting gun my class was slow out of the blocks and failed to win.


Apart from the loss in the final, the day was incredibly enjoyable with the athletes all uniting as one and singing songs to boost everyone's spirits in the less-than-nice weather!


June 17, 2014

Jeremy's June web post

Hey, Jezza here!

Just updating you guys on what I've been up to lately and how this last month or so has gone for me.

First of all everything is fitting into place and is starting to run smoothly for me. Life for me is becoming easier as the days go by yet at the same time challenging. I couldn't be happier!


This month I also experienced a whole weekend of training in Shizuoka with my team, and was able to see Mount Fuji from my room.It was so interesting and enjoyable, I wish I could go back and do it all over again!


Jeremy :)



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