July 16, 2014

Visiting Seiritsu

We won't be holding our Japan Experience this year but we are always accepting individuals and groups for short term visits. Whether you are staying for one week or for one year, if you are a junior or senior high student, or if you have just graduated, we can try and find a way to provide you with a bunch of exciting experiences in and around Tokyo.

If you are a school or sports group and you will be stopping in Tokyo, why don't you consider adding in some time here?

Send us a quick email and ask. You could be our next guest!

July 10, 2014

International Students visit the Imperial grounds

On Wednesday July 9th the International Department went on a day excursion to visit the imperial grounds in central Tokyo.


Although we could not visit the new palace, the public grounds and gardens were accessible, and the students enjoyed learning about the history of the area, from its formation by the shogun Tokugawa in the Edo period, to the changes brought about by the Meiji Restoration era, through to its modern-day appearance.


The students were also told about the famous "Ako incident": a deadly feud between a lord and court official that turned into a celebrated tale of loyalty and revenge, and was the inspiration behind the recent Keanu Reeves film "47 Ronin". The scene of the confrontation that started it all is commemorated with a stone marker.


After the grounds, we also walked to the nearby Nippon Budokan, the spiritual hub for Traditional Japanese martial arts, and the controversial Yasukuni shrine, where we saw preparations for the coming summer festivals taking place.

source: http://www.historvius.com - Photos of the shrine are under tight control.

Although the weather was again disappointing, everyone was in high spirits and enjoyed taking some time from school to learn more about the city.

Peter Williams
International Department Coordinator

July 4, 2014

Good luck on the JLPT!

Getting Ready for the JLPT

Here are a few tips for making sure you are ready to take the JLPT.

Time and Location

Be ready. Get there early. Confirm the location and times. Check train times and transfers. How far is it from the train station?

If you can, visit the location beforehand. You wouldn't want to waste your little spare time before the test wandering around lost (or looking for a bathroom).

Bringing stuff

What do you need to bring? What do they tell you to bring? What do you personally need? I always want a coffee beforehand... Maybe you want another kind of drink or a little snack?

Does the testing location have what you want or need? Should you pack it extra?

Do you have spare items (phone charger, pencil and pencil sharpener, etc)? How about things like… Tissues?! A handkerchief?!


You should have versatile clothes. The weather for the next test could be scorching hot or totally wet (it is rainy season after all). What if the air conditioner is on full blast and you are directly under it? Or what if it doesn't reach you? Do you need an umbrella?

Mental prep

Don't stay up all night cramming. Your performance will typically suffer from cramming (a quick internet search will confirm this...).
Get a good rest. Have a good breakfast.

There are many more tips we could include here. We will add to them next time.




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