March 20, 2015

Seiritsu Junior High School Graduation 2015

Congratulations to our Junior High third year students as they graduate from the first three years or Seiritsu life and pass onto the next three as senior high school students!



As with the high school ceremony, Principal Fukuda gave a speech congratulating the students on their achievements so far in life. The graduates were also called up one by one to receive their diplomas personally.


Back at the home rooms, both third year teachers gave their final long home room and awarded prizes and mementos of their time together.

Although graduations can be bittersweet, as with the high school ceremony, the Junior high graduation was more filled with excitement as the students are now eagerly awaiting their entry into high school, with many more classmates to come.


One student who is sadly leaving us however is Seiritsu karate club member Kishi Chihiro, who is changing schools. We wish her the very best, and hope to meet her again soon!


Pete Williams
International Department Coordinator

March 10, 2015

Seiritsu High School Graduation 2015


On March 7, Seiritsu's third year high school students put on their uniforms and entered the school for one last time as, after three years of hard work and effort, we celebrated their graduation.



Although the weather was rainy and dull, all the students were in good spirits, including the lower year representatives present in the ceremony.


Principal Fukuda gave a speech for all the departing students, after they were announced one-by-one by their home room teachers.

Prizes are also often given at graduation ceremonies for students who had the highest grades or attendance of the year, as well as notable sports achievements.



After the ceremony, the students returned to their home room for the final time as a group to receive their diplomas and say a farewell to their school mates. This is often when the tears really start to flow from teachers, parents and students alike, and this year was no exception.



After their last moments in the class rooms, each class exited into the courtyard to be met by their club 'kohai'; junior students who are in the same sports/culture clubs as the now-graduates. The karate club also said goodbye to our three graduates, Shibuya Ryo, Masumoto Masaharu and club captain Tsuchiya Hotaka, as we wish them well on their next step of life.




As for Seiritsu, life goes on, with the Junior High third year group the next set of students to celebrate their graduation from studies in a week's time, and then welcoming in the next group of students to make their mark in Seiritsu history with the school entrance ceremony in April.

Peter Williams
International Department Coordinator



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