June 17, 2015

Visitors from Indonesia

On Monday June 8th, we had a wonderful chance to interact with some students from Global Prestasi School (GPS) from Indonesia. The twelve students aged 12 to16 stopped by for an afternoon in order to visit our school during their week-long stay in Japan.


To read more about it, click this link to go to the blog post on Seiritsu's main Japanese website...


Brent Regan
International Department Coordinator

June 17, 2015

Seiritsu's Girls Karate team head to Kanto!

After Seiritsu's Sports Festival on June 4th, the very next day the karate coaching staff and the girls team headed to Fukaya, Saitama prefecture, to participate in the team kumite event of the High School Karate Federation's summer Kanto tournament.


Although Saitama is a neighbouring prefecture to Tokyo, the journey to Fukaya's "Big Turtle" arena still involved an hour train journey and a 30 minute walk to the venue. It was a great warm up for the team!


The first day (Friday 5th) was light practice and the opening ceremony, where the girls walked in holding the Seiritsu name placard; it had been 2 years since it was last used.


The following day was the tournament proper, with the two elimination rounds of each event. As the kata (patterns) events usually go first, our team had to wait until the afternoon before their time on the mats. They spent the morning admiring kata and also warming up for their matches. Sadly, despite a brave effort, they couldn't get past their first opponents, Yamanashi gakuin.

As they were not involved on the third and final day, the students spent the day watching the matched and cheering for the Tokyo teams. The level of karate at this tournament was certainly very high, so it was a great experience for all to come and study the better teams up close.

The final standings were (Japanese language only)
Kata individual girls
Kata individual boys
Kata team girls
Kata team boys
Kumite individual girls
Kumite individual boys
Kumite team girls
Kumite team boys

Congratulations to all the schools and athletes, and I hope everyone tries equally as hard for the upcoming Inter-High qualifiers!


Peter Williams
International Coordinator & Karate Club Coach

June 14, 2015

Connor's Final Washimiyasai!

Hi, Connor here!

On The 4th of June last Thursday my third and last Taikusai was held at the Washimiya Grounds!

Unfortunately for me two days before the carnival I was in an awkward challenge during training and picked up an injury which ruled me out of events meaning I was there to support.

The weather during the day was quite nice and with the strong breeze flowing through it didn't get too hot and was quite comfortable. The weather was definitely far better than the Washimiyasai of yesteryear!


All in all it was a really enjoyable day and for the athletes it was a rare chance to get away from the usual competitive atmosphere of their teams and just enjoy a day of fun activities. It was also a rare chance for the athletes to socialise with a lot of the other students and make new connections which can't usually be made due to our tough schedules.



June 14, 2015

Jeremy's Washimiyasai impression

Hey Jezza here,

Last year I wasn't able to participate due to a prolonged injury however this year I could take part in most activities however once again I had a small injury.

In spite of the pain I did my best to participate in some activities [Jezza took part in the "flower stage" event, shown in the video in a previous blog -Peter] and overall had a good socialising and hanging out with friends.


As this sort of festival doesn't take place in Australia it was of somewhat a unique experience!

Jezza out!

June 12, 2015

Marina's First Sports Day

On June 4th, I participated in the Seiritsu sports day for the first time. The practice day reminded me of how strong the sunrays are in Tokyo. As I didn't bother to put sun screen on, I got sun burned on the back of my neck, ears, and an obvious difference in color on my legs (which hasn't disappeared yet!). This time I put on as much sunscreen as I could, so I wouldn't end up with sunburn again.


We were divided into different teams that were represented by several different colors. Each class had its own t-shirt that the students designed. The class I'm in is 2I. Our shirt was purple with a カビゴン (Snorlax in Pokemon) on it that represented our homeroom teacher 岩崎先生(Iwasaki Sensei). I thought it was very cute.

There were different races that every single student signed up for a few. Everyone participated in the 華のステージ (Flower Stage) where we all squished onto one stage, and the class that holds for the longest would win. We didn't have any luck to win that one, but in the next race, our team won with ease. It was called the コンバット (combat). That was the race that needed good team work, so I felt very happy that we won.

Afterwards, me and my friends Saki and Meika participated in the three legged race, then I joined Suzune, Kasumi people for the ムカデ (Mukade) race.

Overall, purple won first place. Although it was burning hot, I had fun times with my classmates.

June 5, 2015

It's Washimiyasai 2015!


After being delayed for a day by rain, the sun shone brilliantly as Seiritsu held its annual sports "Washimiyasai" festival at the Washinomiya ground on Thursday June 4th.

Remembering last year's washout, everyone was very happy that it was a sunny day. The ground has also had a new synthetic pitch installed since last year's festival, meaning that the previous day's rain had all drained away.

All years are equally divided into 5 colour groups: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, and Purple. all classes must try and win points for their colour group!


Although a fun day for all years, the Washimiyasai is particularly important for junior high 1st years and high school students in their final year. Even more so as this year's graduating class has the first students to have passed through both all six years of education at Seiritsu. Because of this, the third years had a large part in organising the event, and did really well with it!


After a fierce battle (including a heated contest with the athlete programme classes), Purple team eventually emerged victorious after a fantastic end relay.


Congratulations, Team purple; and otsukaresamadeshita to everyone!

Of course, I managed to get a few shots of our girls karate team getting ready for their Kanto tournament..


Peter Williams
International Department Coordinator

June 3, 2015

Jeremy's May Web Post

Jezza here!

After only arriving here mid May the main goal was to just to try and play regularly and avoid getting injuries.


But due to the extreme schedule involving a lot of fitness based training, injuries were bound to occur.

Even though I had several niggles I managed to find a good physio in Ebisu to help me recover to get back on track and playing. Not only is the treatment good but Ebisu is a great place with lots of western style restaurants and cafes to indulge in.
I recommend you have a look around if you get the chance with friends!

Even though May has been a bit frustrating with several little injuries the important thing is to keep a positive mindset and to try and find ways to overcome and manage it.

However on the upside I have been seeing some rapid improvement each time I am able to train/play. Looking forward to what the future will bring!

Jezza out!

June 3, 2015

practicing for the Sports festival!


After the first term exams finish, one event that all Seiritsu students and teachers look forward to is the annual sports festival, held at our football and baseball ground and dormitory in Washinomiya.


Because most school sports clubs are serious about their practice, the theme of Japanese sports festivals, or "Washimiyasai" as it is called at Seiritsu, is more about having fun and bonding with your classmates. As a result, instead of track and field events and trying to break school records, games often involve large inflatable objects and wacky style races.

However, even though the games are not serious, the practice is definitely thorough!

Although the practice days were long and hot, everyone tried hard and had a lot fun.

Let's all have a great time at the Washimiyasai!

Peter Williams
International Department Coordinator

June 2, 2015

Connor's May Post

Hi guys,

May saw the first rounds of Inter High tournament qualifications commence. To qualify for Inter High your school has to come first or second in the qualifying tournament and this year Seiritsu's first match was against local rivals and fellow Tokyo heavyweights, Teikyo.

The game was played at a mutual location, Musashi High School, where a fairly large crowd of about 500 people turned up. The game went quite evenly for the first 60 minutes until Teikyo managed to capitalise on a controversial free kick. However five minutes later, after some good play down the left wing, Seiritsu were able to draw level which took the tie to extra time. Extra time went by very quickly and without many clear cut chances so the game was off to penalties. I was up to take the first penalty and slotted it nicely into the left corner. Unfortunately some of my team mates weren't as lucky and missed their spot kicks which meant we were knocked out 4-2 on penalties.


This unwanted result meant that the unwanted period of fitness training began as there are no important matches to be played for nearly a month. The fitness training has so far saw us run nearly about 100 laps of the Infamous running course in total but hopefully it works out and we can qualify for the Winter tournament!

Good bye!



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