October 16, 2015

Teresa's post for October

Hello! Teresa here.

I have officially visited all of my classes; however, I have yet to team teach with some teachers because of exams next week. Things have been like a roller coaster in terms of work, but I find the workload similar to my university class loads in the States. These are always manageable with planning and preparation!


Outside of the classroom, I started to explore my surroundings. One stop from my apartment is an extremely amazing park with exercise machinery and a soccer field! Hopefully I have the inspiration to continue working out.


I also visited the shopping district closest to me and found a store that sells Hokkaido cheese tarts for 200 yen. They are so famous that people actually wait at least 15 minutes to buy one. Also, the shop allows a person to buy max 12 tarts due to great demand! I am definitely going to buy one next time I explore the area.





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