June 22, 2016

JET teacher Teresa Talks about lesson planning!

To everyone teaching students either in classrooms or in a less rigid setting;

We all know organization is key. Organizing yourself and your many class materials is hard, but when you combine the busy schedules of many JTEs (Japanese Teacher of English) into the mix, keeping in touch to confirm lesson structures can be a challenge

To help calm the fire, Google drive and many, many online folders are your friends!!

We all know communication is key for all relationships: lovers, family, friends, and yes, even your JTEs.

Now, how do we do this? With Google Drive!

Instead of creating documents that only I could edit on my laptop, I create and share Google documents so that my JTE coworkers can help manage and plan our shared classes. On those Google documents, we could add comments as well.

I use Google Drive, but if your office has a shared cabinet [or other cloud networking function - PW] on your computer, you can use that too!

If you are a young JET or ALT struggling with class management and planning, please give this a try to share responsibilities between teachers.

Happy planning, educators of the world!

Teresa Fong
JET Assistant Language Teacher

June 20, 2016

JET teacher Teresa's Life Blog Post!

Teresa again with a life update!

In the last month, I found myself getting more active in the JET community. I have always wanted to help and advise, so naturally I applied to be a Local Area Coordinator for my zone in Tokyo.

As a leader in my zone, I am responsible for answering any questions current and incoming JETs may have. The questions may range from phones, taxes, housing, garbage, and more. I am also their emergency contact if needed in the zone.

Besides the official role, I have a social aspect. I am currently planning events around the incoming JETs’ orientations so they get to meet people in this large city! Also, I am learning more about Japanese internet and phone services to allow JETs to pick the option that best fits them. I know from experience that these are important steps for a person to adjust to their new home!

I am sure this coming new “JET Year,” which starts in August, will be hectic, but I am ready to tackle my role!


Teresa Fong

JET Assistant Language Teacher

June 17, 2016

Laurence talks about lunch at Seiritsu

Hello! Laurence here.

Not to boast or anything, but I would say I am a pretty good homecook. Even though I miss my big Canadian oven very much, I am trying my best to use Japanese ingredients and cooking tools to cook balanced and nutritious meals and lunches. That being said, we all have days when we forget our lunch or just feel too tired to pack one the day before.

So I’m really glad we have the cafeteria upstairs to help us out. You can get a rice bowl with toppings for 250 yen, and if you have room for more the cafeteria usually has sides on sale too. My personal favourite is the karaage. They make it from chicken breast here and it makes for a really nice lunch on top fresh cabbage and hot steamed rice!

The Menu board tells you what is for lunch today. Best practice your Kanji!

You can buy meal tickets at the vending machine..

... Or you can order directly at the counter.

Athlete students typically preorder their food, so they can eat quickly and go to training as soon as they can. It's a mad rush when it they all collect at once!

There are a number of sauces and condiments available. All are popular, though Ketchup and kara-age is usually looked on as odd, for some reason..

It also doesn’t have any onions in it…did I mention that I don’t like onions already?

I am an adult but I still have some foods I’m picky about…maybe one day I’ll be able to eat them and enjoy more foods from all over the world. Maybe.

Laurence Dube
JET Assistant Language Teacher

June 14, 2016

Gab's May blog post

Hey Gab again,

This month has been a pretty special one as my parents as well my brother came to visit me, it was really as it had been 4 months since I last saw them. During our time together we did lots of sight seeking a places such as Shibuya,Akihabara, Asakusa, Kamakura and many others.


As well it gave my parents a chance to see what life was like here, they also came to see me train and as well play a couple of games. Sadly their time here had to end but was really good to see them and was great fun.



This month we also had our exams so a lot of the soccer boys would spent a lot of our time studying after training. Many of us would be very tired as we would be consistently working making the dormitory very quiet, with no noise after 10. The annual Seritsu sports festival is coming up too, so we had to attend some training sessions for the day.I look forward to festival and next month's adventures.


Regards, Gab

June 14, 2016

JET teacher Laurence's Undokai experience !

Hello all! Laurence here!

I hope you are dealing well with the beginning of summer (or winter for our friends in the south)! I, being a Northern gal and all, don’t deal too well with hot weather but despite that (and dealing with a pretty nasty bronchitis) I have managed to survivel so far. The summer spirit kicked in quickly at Seiritsu Gakuen (or at the Higashiwashinomiya grounds to be exact) with our annual Sports Day on June 1st !

I have been reading about Sports Days in Japan for years in articles and comic books and so I was super thrilled to experience one for myself. We did have Sport Day in my high school in Canada but it was completely different from Japanese Sport Days. While my school had a more serious, traditional Greco-Roman approach to Sports Day, with events like spear and disk throwing as well as the long and high jumps events, the Seiritsu Sports Day was all about making exercising fun and exciting. All the classes designed shirts and made flags, some students wore funny costumes too.

The events themselves were really entertaining and I had never heard of some of them before. I especially liked the costume relay events and the event where all the students in a team try to fit together on a small platform in what could be described as a sweaty, loving, competition-driven massive group hug.

Overall, despite the super hot weather, it was a pretty amazing day. 9/10 would attend again.

Laurence Dube
JET Assistant Language Teacher

June 10, 2016

Meg's May Blog Post

In May we had practice for the Washinomiya festival .
We had to get there early in the morning and I had to wake up at 4 .
C class is going to be in a couple of events so we practiced each one so we could do it perfectly on the day of Washinomiya .
It was so hot that a couple of my friends didn't feel good ...
That's the same for me, too,

After the practice of Washinomta Sai, I stayed and watched the athlete guys practicing baseball. Watching baseball was so fun.

After that I went to the other girls that were still at Washinomya and I went home with them.
On the way home I went to Starbucks with the girls and after that I went to a park .
We went on the slides and swings, I had a pretty good day !

But I couldn't see the baseball guys until they finished their practice so next time I'm going to Washinomiya just to see them practicing baseball .

June 3, 2016

New Seiritsu Student! Welcome Miu!


My name is Miu.

I'm from an International school. I just came to Seiritsu this year.

It was so different from a Japanese school, I get a little confused!

I had sports day last week. It was fun.


At the end of one of the Sports Day relays there is a costume portion. Truly hilarious.-cc

Thank you!

June 3, 2016

What's been happening at English Conversation Club, Laurence?

Hello! Laurence here.

When we asked the members of our English conversation club (ECC) what they wanted to do more this year, they all said “watching more movies!” So, we decided to take a break from speaking-oriented games and take two meetings of the club to watch Wall-E. Do you know the movie? It’s about a friendly but lonely robot going on a crazy adventure in space!


The first part of the movie has very little dialogue in it but the animation is done in a way that anyone can understand what is happening with very few words. Watching movies in English is a bit intimidating for Japanese students, but I hope that by starting with movies that focus a bit less on complex dialogue, our members will feel less intimidated and will want to watch more movies in English in the future.

We will start to meet again next week, so I hope lots of our members will join us and try their best during the games!

See you next time!

Laurence Dube
JET Assistant Language Teacher



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