September 2, 2016

JET teacher Laurence's Summer Blog Post!

Hello all! Laurence here.

While there’s always work to do at Seiritsu High School, summer is still the best time to go on vacation, and so I did! For a few weeks, I traded the humid, subtropical climate of Tokyo for the refreshing breeze of the St-Lawrence River in the province of Quebec, Canada.

I made sure to bring omiyage (souvenirs) for my family and friends, as JET teachers are not only ambassadors of their culture in Japan, but also of Japan back in their home country!

My time was shared between my family and my friends, as I wanted to see as many people as possible before leaving for another year. At my mom’s, we went to the Montreal biodome and shopping for clothes. I also slept a lot. The 14-hour jetlag hit me very hard.

At my dad’s, my daily activities were a bit unconventional as we were in charge of a blueberry field for the summer!

The field was well-cared for by my father throughout the year and as a result, we had an abundant harvest! The bushes grew so tall; we didn’t even have to bend down to pick the fruit (unless we wanted some of the sneakier ones).


Picking fruit for hours might not sound like something you would do while on vacation but trust me, it was so relaxing to listen to music, pick fruit, enjoy the nice weather and go back home to hearty home-cooked meal. And wherever we went, Biz followed without fail.


This is Biz. She likes sticks, people and long walks on the beach.

Before dinner, we often went to the beach. The region is also known for its beautiful sunsets.



I had an amazing time with my loved ones!


Coming back was a bit rough after that, especially because of the jetlag, but I love my life in Japan. I love my friends here, I love my job and I love my school. I now have one more shot at making most of the remaining time I have here. Let’s get started!



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