September 1, 2016

Teresa's August Blog Post!

Teresa here!

Time for my monthly update. Personally, I find August to be a month of new beginnings as I walked my first steps as a JET ALT this month last year. This gives me the perfect opportunity to make goals just as if it were the New Years.

I found from experience that I like to pile my plate with unreachable goals just like how I pile my plates in buffets. I have good intentions, but I either get nauseous from eating too much or nauseous from overworking myself. This month, I decided to take things slow. For example, I wanted to have an organized computer- as in a clean desktop with folders holding proper files that are named appropriately. I had about 567391 files on my desktop and 8937 2935 pictures, driving me insane each time I turned my computer on.

My life motto: take it easy.

Instead of spending the entire day trying to clean your computer, breathe and figure out the steps. This is the same for any other task, like studying for an exam. In fact, when you study for an exam, try to eat breakfast and drink a cup of water before starting. It will clear your head. I constantly tell my students this because you can smell their fears for exams miles away. Tackle the task each day and eat breakfast!

Thanks for tuning in! See y’all soon.



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