October 31, 2016

Halloween fun

It is October 31st today. That means it is officially Halloween. Some of our students took it to heart. When I arrived at the school at lunch, I came upon this scene...



Halloween is becoming more and more popular among Japanese people. It is nice to see.


Here they posed for a group photo.


Hope you are enjoying your Halloween!

Brent Regan
International Department

October 27, 2016

Gab's October Blog

Hey guys Gab again!

This month was another special one as my Grandma had come to Japan. She and her friends are here on a cruise.Though she was only in Tokyo for 3 days I was able to spent some time with her which is always nice. During our time we were able to go to Mount Fuji on a tour. It was really nice as I had never been to Fuji before. As well I was able to show my Grandma Asakusa and around Shinjuku. In terms of soccer everything is going well. Still working hard as every week there is competition for who starts, so everyone wants to be on their game. As well test are back again so everyone's working really hard with football and study so the days are very long and exhausting.That is all for now



Thanks regards
Gabriel Beck-Godoy

October 18, 2016

Connor is doing well

Everyone at Seiritsu is very happy to see that Connor is doing well with his football career.
Our Vice-principal posted a message to tell our regular students and their families about his place on the Australian squad.


(This photo is from his time here.)

We may even have the chance to see him play today.
Good luck, Connor!


October 14, 2016

Gab's September Blog

Hey guys Gab again
This month was a very special month as my mum and dad had come to visit me again. It was really nice to see them as it had been a long time since I had last saw them. We were very lucky as they came during a time where we didn't have much school and had a lot of games instead, so they were able to watch me play a lot. My dad speaks very good Japanese so I was able to get some better detailed feedback and as well some new soccer terminology words to add to my vocabulary. Besides the soccer, we were able to do a bit of sight seeing with going to watch the baseball at the Tokyo Dome, going to the sumo and going to Yokohama. Football wise, everything's going very well. I've got a few upcoming tournaments to look forward to. As well, everyone's back to school after a long break so gonna be extra busy now :)

That's all for now guys

Thanks regards




October 11, 2016

Emilie's September Blog

Me and my friend Julia had a sleep I over.
We made some food. We went a shopping mall and I got new glasses!

My friend and I went to Itabashi festival. Because one of my friend was from Itabashi so she invited us to to go! After, we went to her grandma's house and chilled.


Seiritu festival!
We had so much fun making this. The whole vibe is to go back to the 50s. The decorations was like 50s too. We made some churros and baby castella. Basically baby castella is just small round pancake.
There was ups and downs but we made it happen so I was really proud of me and proud of everyone.




October 7, 2016

Plink's Seiritsu-Sai

The 文化祭 of 2016 was the first 文化祭that I attended. The most important reason is:In China, teacher never spend a week for a school festival. But it is amazing that Japanese really use a week to decorate the school for it, and there is no any lessons in this week. Everyone was working hard to finish it. In China, we also have the school festival, but we only can use the spare time to rehearse our program. We don’t need decorate the classroom, because we also need have lessons every day. But in 文化祭, we dress up the classroom as a haunted house. It is really exciting when we really do that. Everyone all have their task to finish, so no one can be lazy. We help each other, like go out to purchase materials, color the door and do anymore. Because of this is the layout of everyone, so the results are also very good. The fact is, every class all very good. During the 文化祭, the school such as an amusement park. I think everyone all played very happy.And through this 文化祭, I also got a very different new experience.


Note: Seiritsu-sai is the 文化祭, "bunka-sai" or cultural festival, here at Seiritsu. We're happy Plink is enjoying her time and experiences here as she studies away from her home in China.-cc

October 7, 2016

Meg's SeiritsuSai

We made class sweaters for our class with the design of tommy and half a heart on the back so if you go stand beside someone in your class you'll be able to make a heart .


On the first day I made baby castella and churros .
I mostly made baby castella the whole time using a machine to make Takoyaki.
We had to make sure that we were clean .


On the second day I went to call people to come to our class and buy our stuff that we made .
I did that with Emilie and walked around the school.


It was my last school festival but I enjoyed it a lot . And I'm very sad that we can't join it next year .


October 6, 2016

Web post update from Teresa!

When you think of September 30th and October 1st, what is the first thing that goes through your head? Halloween? For me, my mind jumps to the Halloween season, but for the Japanese working class and schools, it signals the start of “koromogae” or 衣替え.

“Koromogae” combines the Japanese words, 衣 or clothes, with 替え or change, giving us a word that means “the change of clothes to suit the season.”

The change of seasonal clothing means that the nicely dressed salarymen in their suits and ties in the winter will finally be free to wear an open-collared short-sleeved shirt, a fashion called “Cool Biz.” This campaign was started in the summer of 2015 by the government as an effort to decrease electricity consumption by air conditioning.

For students, “koromogae” means the switch between their winter (冬服 - fuyufuku) and summer uniform (夏服 - natsufuku). For most students, including Seiritsu students, they have two sets of school uniforms (制服 - seifuku). Winter uniforms worn from October 1st to May 31st have a crisp blazer and ties for males and ribbons for females. Summer uniforms worn from June 1st to September 31st have sweaters and are open-collared.

Winter uniforms, as modelled by overseas study returnees Michiru and Kouki.

Our Junior High students wearing their summer uniform - note the lack of ribbon and blazer!

“Koromogae” or 衣替え does not only signify the change of clothes though! You’ll notice the vending machines lining the corners and streets will change inventory. As the temperature drops, you’ll see more hot beverages than cold drinks, something I am very grateful for.

Even though the change from September 31st to October 1st may mean the seasonal change of clothing in Japan, it doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate some Halloween-inspired clothing in your outfits. Just make sure it’s not too extreme and noticeable that your boss or teacher will have a word with you.

Teresa Fong
JET Assistant Language Teacher

October 4, 2016

Bunkasai Report from JET Teacher Laurence

September marks the start of a new semester at Seiritsu Gakuen!! …Kind of. With the school closing two Thursdays in a row because of typhoons and preparations for the Seiritsu culture festival, planning classes and evaluations has proven to be an interesting challenge so far.

The festival itself was amazing though! It always feels heartwarming to see the whole school come together to set up such a grandiose, impressive event.


I love the performances from the cheerleading club and the dance club! Our students are so talented! It’s not a side of them I see often very often.

This year, the English decided to freshen things up by serving some tea! Tea is something people all over the world can enjoy, as well as a good way to get people to try something new.


We still did our classic bingo fortune telling too, of course!


We worked very hard to make the extensive reading room look even better!



Despite the rain on Saturday, we were swarmed with visitors (in a good way) and I had a lot of interesting conversations with our visitors of all ages. Thank you so much taking the time to come to our room if you did! And if you didn’t, don’t’ worry! There’s always next year!


Laurence Dubé
JET Assistant Language Teacher

October 3, 2016

Fairhills' Annual Visit

Once again this year we had what is becoming an annual special event - which we are very happy to be able to hold. We hosted students from Fairhills High School.


This year we had 5 students visit us. Jessica once again accompanied her students and they did a fantastic job of representing their school.


They studied hard in the classes they attended. English class was really fun for the first period. It was primarily a class aimed at utilizing what the Japanese students had recently studied. The second period of English then continued on with a stronger focus on the grammar they need to remember.



There were other classes that the visitors sat in on as well. These classes included math classes and social studies classes.

This year, lunch time saw the visitors eating their lunches in the cafeteria. This meant that the more outgoing students from other classes also had an opportunity to meet the Australian students.



For the final ten minutes of class, the students from Fairhills gave short performances to their host classrooms. We could see the Australian visitors perform on the bagpipes and sing some famous Australian songs.


Our Japanese students made special gift boards called "Shikishi" for the visitors. They were presented at the end and then we took group photos in the classroom.




The visitors are given a chance to experience a cultural element of Japan after regular classes. This year we spent an hour after classes trying out the Tea ceremony.


Nakamura Sensei and several members of the club introduced us to the interesting world of Sado (the way of the tea ceremony). Thank you. It was delicious!



We look forward to seeing students from Fairhills again!
Thank you for a great day!



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