January 26, 2017

An Excursion Blog from Emilie!

We went to Tukiji for the international excursion. Tukiji was supposed to move to near Toyosu station. It might move in the future but for now it still remains in Tukiji Shijyo.



I've never been to Tukiji so I was very excited to go. I learned many things. The market, which started in the Tokugawa period, was rebuilt in 1923 so it means it’s been 94 years since then, They moved it after the Kanto earthquake to it's current place now.

We ate some fresh fish in Tukiji. This is the picture of my lunch.


After lunch, we learned more about the history and stories about Tukiji.
Over all this experience of going to Tukiji for the first time was great. I would love to go again another time so I can get to see more of the process of the market.





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