January 25, 2017

Meg's Holiday Blog Post!

On January 1st, I went to Asakusa's Hatsumoude with my friend.


Hatsumoude is a Japanese traditional thing that we do when the year changes.
We go to a temple and throw money in a big box and clap our hands a couple times and wish for stuff.

Every year I put in a 5-yen coin because it has the meaning of having a good Goen.
Goen means meeting new people and having good relationships.


After I finished doing that I went to a thing called "Demise".
Close to the temples, there are a lot of shops that sell food and sweets .
I ate baked potatoes with butter and miso on it. It's my favorite food that I always eat when I go to places like there.
After that I ate sugar covered strawberries. It was my first time eating it but it was delicious!!!!!!





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