April 18, 2017

JET teacher Teresa's April 2017 Blog Post!

It’s April and it’s muggy with the faint hint of past flowers.

As I was walking to work this morning, I saw that my favorite cherry blossom tree had revamped: it went from fashioning itself with pretty, flitting pink petals to the thick green leaves weighing the branches down. Alas, the hanami season is over and the new school year is beginning.

As part of the new school year orientation, the junior high school students and international students walked all the way to Asakusa! It took them about 2.5 hours, I believe. Furthermore, they had missions throughout the journey; they were required to take pictures, get signatures, and interview foreigners in English.


The students in the middle of their trek to Asakusa


Students in the middle of interviewing.


Students who are resting after finishing their trek and their missions.

It’s my second time partaking in the day camp in Asakusa. Last year, the students wore their uniform because the weather was mild, but this year, the weather was on the hotter range, so students had the freedom to wear regular clothes! I know at least one student excited about wearing their regular clothes to school.


The cooling wind as shown by the furins.

The day itself went well as it was sunny, but cool in the shade. The students had fun and seemed to have bonded with each other despite some language barrier. Personally, it was satisfying to see the international and junior high school students mingle.



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