August 31, 2017

JET Laurence's August Blog Post!

Hello again everyone! JET Teacher Laurence here.

This summer, I had to say goodbye to a fellow JET teacher and a very good friend of mine who was returning to her country. Seeing your foreign friends leave is a big part of life as someone living overseas. Even though I miss her, I wish her the best in her new life back home.

I also studied hard for the JLPT! It’s a Japanese test for non-native Japanese speakers. You can learn about it here:

The test was very difficult. I was relieved when I found out I passed it recently. Hopefully despite work I can keep studying so I can pass level 2 next July.

On a lighter note, I went to see Mary and the Witch’s Flower during my vacation. The movie was entirely in Japanese with no English subtitles. That being said, I was able to understand most of the story and conversations, so I’m pretty proud of myself.


Other than that, my summer was pretty uneventful. I’m trying to save money, so I didn’t want to travel. I took some time to relax, worked on personal projects, went shopping with friends, explored Tokyo a little…nothing too exciting! But it felt good to have that time to wind down and rest.

I’ll do my best during this semester too!!




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