August 9, 2017

Shobu's adventure in America

Two weeks ago one of our students, Shobu, started his ten-month study abroad program. He will be living and studying in the United States for the next year.


We would like to post some of his progress reports here on our international website. Here is his first report after only two weeks...


It is in Japanese but I have translated it below.


It has already been 13 days since I arrived in the US. I haven't completely adjusted yet, but it hasn't been too hard on me. In fact, I am enjoying every day. However, English certainly is difficult.

When I was in Japan, I was confident that I was pretty good at English. After coming here though I see how lacking my English is. I cannot say the things I want and, when I do speak, it is not like a native. To be honest, I am anxious. But I am currently making friends and enjoying life without any real troubles. The other day, I went and swam in a lake and on another day I went and visited Niagara Falls. I am experiencing new stuff every day.

Good luck, Shobu! You can do it!



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