September 1, 2017

JET Teresa's August Blog Post!

Hello all, Teresa here!

Here's my August blog post.

August has been a painful month in many ways. The most obvious reason why is the heat. I feel like I took the heat better last year. This year though, my skin burned. It’s the first time I have ever burned before! I carelessly applied sunscreen before that time, but now I am mindful as to the appropriate amount I put on my skin. I also religiously wear a cap when I go out for long hours. After all, we have to protect ourselves from UV rays!



During this month, while I had to cater to my burns, I had to also say goodbye to many of my friends. My friends had finished their contract successfully and had decided that it was their time. It was hard to admit that they were leaving since some of them, I had just met a couple of months before. With the internet and social media nowadays though, goodbyes aren’t as hard and I’ve made many promises to visit them in their home countries!


On the bright side, I also had many wonderful parties/gatherings with my friends, my partner, and host family. With all the fireworks and festivity in the air, how can we not celebrate summer?




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