October 30, 2017

JET teacher Teresa's October 2017 Blog Post!

Hello, folks!

Welcome back to “Seiritsu Times” with me, Teresa Fong! Have you been wondering where Seiritsu students have been, or perhaps what they’ve been doing? Lucky for you, I’ve got a juicy report just for you.

Yesterday on October 25th, Wednesday, the international teachers, JET teachers, international students studying in Seiritsu and Japanese students planning on studying overseas hopped on a train together to visit Fukagawa Edo Museum, a museum where you can step into the back alleys of Old Tokyo’s neighborhoods.


It was about an hour away from Seiritsu Gakuen, which gave students a great opportunity to converse freely in English.


The moment we arrived, we took a picture to commemorate this excursion. Then staff greeted us warmly on this cold and rainy day. It was interesting stepping inside the building and going back to the Edo period. Inside, there were multiple structures of homes, factories, stalls, water stations, tea shops, and even public bathrooms all recreated from the Edo period!


The best part about this museum is that you are allowed to enter the structures! You could touch and use the props inside the homes and takes pictures with flash without an issue.

The guide provided a thorough report about daily life in Old Tokyo. No questions were left unanswered! If you are curious about life in 17th-18th century Japan, take a peek at Fukagawa Edo Museum!

October 27, 2017

JET Laurence's October 2017 blog post!

Laurence here!

We started having Halloween parties for the Seiritsu Junior High School students 3 years ago. Although Halloween isn't as popular in Japan as it is in North America or Europe, we feel it’s a fun way to share our culture with the students. Plus, Halloween is getting more popular in Japan and we want the students to feel this as well and to know what this holiday is about.


Instead of a regular Junior High classroom, we were given a big room to decorate in the kindergarten building. Decorating it during test week was hard work as the teachers were very busy but we are proud with how the room turned out.


The parties, one per grade, were a lot of fun. We taught the students some Halloween words, we sang a song together and also played Halloween karuta! We finished each party with a mini-Halloween poster contest!20171027_2.jpg

The teachers wore costumes too to get the students into the holiday spirit!

We unfortunately only had an hour per grade and and after that we had to send the students back to their classrooms…but not without doing some quick trick-or-treating on their way out!


Have a Happy Halloween!

October 26, 2017

Seiritsu international relations field trip to Tokyo center!

On Wednesday October 25, 15 students and international teachers from Seiritsu explored both old and modern-day Tokyo, by visiting the Fukugawa Edo Museum and Akihabara Electric Town.

The purpose of the trip was to help Japanese students, who are going to study abroad in the near future, prepare for their time away by having a full day in English while researching about their own culture and history.


We were given a tour around the museum, which is a replica of a section of the Sagacho area of Edo period Tokyo, with an English-speaking tour guide. We listened to many interesting facts and experienced the simple yet sophisticated lifestyles of its residents. The students then had to answer questions in english to show that they understood!


In the afternoon we timewarped back to present-day Tokyo by going to Akihabara. Here the students practiced their English skills by interviewing international passers-by, as well as identifying things and ideas from the Edo period that are still in use today!


Sometimes, to learn about other cultures is to learn much about your own!

Peter Williams
International Department Coordinator

October 23, 2017

Blog from Emilie!

For Mother's Day me and my mom went to Harajuku, which is in Tokyo, to eat lunch and also dinner with my brother. I bought my mom a bracelet that is about 30.000 yen. She was in tears. I was so happy that she was happy.


My three cousins and I went to Disney sea. One of my cousin was visiting Japan from Philippines. The last time I went to Disney sea was about a year ago. So not that long ago. I prefer Disney Land better then Disney Sea which is the opposite what everyone say. Well, I don't have to have the same opinion as everyone so I like what I like haha. But anyways I really enjoyed this family time together.

My friend Melissa came to visit Japan this summer. She was a student in Seiritsu. I met her when I came to this school. So it was about 2 years ago. She is one of two people that I'm really close to in this school. This would sound very dramatic and cheesy but, if she didn't go to this school two years ago and I hadn't met her, it would really effected me. I can say I wouldn't be the person who I am today.

This summer we went to a lot of places, not as much as the last time that we went far away, but it was still fun. She stayed at my home most of the time. It's like having a sleepover everyday. We went to hot spring like almost every week. We went to explore Tokyo and so on.
This is some of the pictures that we took together.


October 19, 2017

Gaoussou's blog!

Hi there,

I’m Gaoussou. I’m a high school student at Seiritsu Gakuen.


I will let you know my own experience about harvesting potatoes. In fact, every school year my school organize several outings whose harvest of the potato. We figure out many things about it;

-what day to sow it

-what day to harvest it

We very enjoy the day

October 13, 2017

Blog from Rebecca!

It is getting colder and colder, and we changed summer uniform to winter uniform so term 3 will be ended soon.This term we had a great fun.We had many great activities. First, one of the most important activities in our school was Seiritsu Culture Fair. Our class made one classroom for haunted houses and one classroom about maze for Alice in wonderland. I was in the group of Alice. We make the road and blew a lot of balloons, we decorated the room very well. It was just a wonderland! The visitors were all very excited when they get in.Our singing club also did a great job.We had a performance on the stage.We sang five songs and cheered all the listeners. We also need to attend a competition for Kita-ku in November, we will do our best!

Back to term 3.We went to the fields to harvest the crops we planted in April.They grew up very tall. Everyone took turns to cut the crops and others took crops to the machine. We worked very hard to finish it very fast! Good job!

Then we went on a science trip. I was chosen to the sixth course. We went to visit the Kao factory, the Mitsubishi Science Museum and the Nisshin Ramen Museum in Yokohama. We got presents and know more about the technology business. I like Nisshin Factory best! We made our own chicken ramen! The staff teach us make from the flour to the decoration.It had such complex steps. But I was so happy to get my ramen! It smells so good!

We are having the test this week! We were all working hard. Good luck to me and do my best! This was such a wonderful term! I hope next term will be great too!




October 3, 2017

International Guests from Australia!

On September 29 Seiritsu played host to Australian students from Fairhills school in Melbourne. For most of them this was their first time to come to Japan, so we were eager to show them how a Japanese High School works, as well as show them some Japanese culture!



The guests had a study partner all through the day, and experienced Japanese, English, Science and Math classes.





After the last class, we went to the Japanese-style room, where Nakamura Sensei gave a demonstration of the Tea ceremony. Then everyone was invited to make tea the traditional way. It was fun and educational (and delicious!).



We were told that all the students were 'buzzing' after their time at Seiritsu, so we are really happy that they had a great experience here!

If you are visiting Japan, as a group or even as an individual, we can provide experience days like this to you too! Please feel free to contact us about our various programs, including 'Experience Seiritsu'!

Peter Williams
International Department Coordinator

October 2, 2017

JET teacher Teresa's September 2017 Blog Post!

Teresa here!

Guess what was on everyone’s minds for the last two weeks? I’ll give you a hint.

Nothing? Okay; here’s another one!


Did you guess Seiritsu-sai, the best school festival ever? If so, you are… correct!!!


Just look at how attentive the crowds were for the amazing and professional performances by our own Seiritsu cheerleaders!

While giving as much support and love as possible to our students on stage, I also welcomed guests with the team and English Conversation Club members!


Here I am with Plink, the club vice-president! As you can see from the picture, she had brought some of her own Chinese tea from home to give the team a taste test. I instantly loved the aroma and taste. It reminds me of going out to dimsum (yum cha 饮茶) with my family back in the States!



Seiritsu-sai gave everyone the opportunity to meet up with students who had graduated and catch up. I got to meet two groups of students I had two years ago and even an old co-worker!


It’s always fun to reunite with old friends and students. I wish my schools in the States had school festivals!



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