October 13, 2017

Blog from Rebecca!

It is getting colder and colder, and we changed summer uniform to winter uniform so term 3 will be ended soon.This term we had a great fun.We had many great activities. First, one of the most important activities in our school was Seiritsu Culture Fair. Our class made one classroom for haunted houses and one classroom about maze for Alice in wonderland. I was in the group of Alice. We make the road and blew a lot of balloons, we decorated the room very well. It was just a wonderland! The visitors were all very excited when they get in.Our singing club also did a great job.We had a performance on the stage.We sang five songs and cheered all the listeners. We also need to attend a competition for Kita-ku in November, we will do our best!

Back to term 3.We went to the fields to harvest the crops we planted in April.They grew up very tall. Everyone took turns to cut the crops and others took crops to the machine. We worked very hard to finish it very fast! Good job!

Then we went on a science trip. I was chosen to the sixth course. We went to visit the Kao factory, the Mitsubishi Science Museum and the Nisshin Ramen Museum in Yokohama. We got presents and know more about the technology business. I like Nisshin Factory best! We made our own chicken ramen! The staff teach us make from the flour to the decoration.It had such complex steps. But I was so happy to get my ramen! It smells so good!

We are having the test this week! We were all working hard. Good luck to me and do my best! This was such a wonderful term! I hope next term will be great too!






about Seiritsu

Seiritsu Gakuen is a private co-educational high school created in 1925 and it is located in Tokyo, Japan.

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