October 27, 2017

JET Laurence's October 2017 blog post!

Laurence here!

We started having Halloween parties for the Seiritsu Junior High School students 3 years ago. Although Halloween isn't as popular in Japan as it is in North America or Europe, we feel it’s a fun way to share our culture with the students. Plus, Halloween is getting more popular in Japan and we want the students to feel this as well and to know what this holiday is about.


Instead of a regular Junior High classroom, we were given a big room to decorate in the kindergarten building. Decorating it during test week was hard work as the teachers were very busy but we are proud with how the room turned out.


The parties, one per grade, were a lot of fun. We taught the students some Halloween words, we sang a song together and also played Halloween karuta! We finished each party with a mini-Halloween poster contest!20171027_2.jpg

The teachers wore costumes too to get the students into the holiday spirit!

We unfortunately only had an hour per grade and and after that we had to send the students back to their classrooms…but not without doing some quick trick-or-treating on their way out!


Have a Happy Halloween!



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