October 30, 2017

JET teacher Teresa's October 2017 Blog Post!

Hello, folks!

Welcome back to “Seiritsu Times” with me, Teresa Fong! Have you been wondering where Seiritsu students have been, or perhaps what they’ve been doing? Lucky for you, I’ve got a juicy report just for you.

Yesterday on October 25th, Wednesday, the international teachers, JET teachers, international students studying in Seiritsu and Japanese students planning on studying overseas hopped on a train together to visit Fukagawa Edo Museum, a museum where you can step into the back alleys of Old Tokyo’s neighborhoods.


It was about an hour away from Seiritsu Gakuen, which gave students a great opportunity to converse freely in English.


The moment we arrived, we took a picture to commemorate this excursion. Then staff greeted us warmly on this cold and rainy day. It was interesting stepping inside the building and going back to the Edo period. Inside, there were multiple structures of homes, factories, stalls, water stations, tea shops, and even public bathrooms all recreated from the Edo period!


The best part about this museum is that you are allowed to enter the structures! You could touch and use the props inside the homes and takes pictures with flash without an issue.

The guide provided a thorough report about daily life in Old Tokyo. No questions were left unanswered! If you are curious about life in 17th-18th century Japan, take a peek at Fukagawa Edo Museum!



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