October 26, 2017

Seiritsu international relations field trip to Tokyo center!

On Wednesday October 25, 15 students and international teachers from Seiritsu explored both old and modern-day Tokyo, by visiting the Fukugawa Edo Museum and Akihabara Electric Town.

The purpose of the trip was to help Japanese students, who are going to study abroad in the near future, prepare for their time away by having a full day in English while researching about their own culture and history.


We were given a tour around the museum, which is a replica of a section of the Sagacho area of Edo period Tokyo, with an English-speaking tour guide. We listened to many interesting facts and experienced the simple yet sophisticated lifestyles of its residents. The students then had to answer questions in english to show that they understood!


In the afternoon we timewarped back to present-day Tokyo by going to Akihabara. Here the students practiced their English skills by interviewing international passers-by, as well as identifying things and ideas from the Edo period that are still in use today!


Sometimes, to learn about other cultures is to learn much about your own!

Peter Williams
International Department Coordinator



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