November 16, 2017

JET Laurence Sensei's November 2017 Web post!

Talking in front of other people is stressful, especially if it’s in front of your classmates. However, we at the Seiritsu English department think it’s important for students to be able to talk in front of a crowd. It’s a skill that is going to be useful for them in their professional as well as personal life. It teaches them to deal with stress, memorization, and pronunciation and how to share something personal with other people.

We have a wide range of subjects for the essays for all levels of classes for the 1st and 2nd year students in High school.

The higher the level of the class, the more we try to challenge the students. The students have to do at least one speech per semester. We usually start simple for everyone, with short speeches about their latest holiday. Then, we move on to talking more about themselves, things they like or that are important to them or places they would like to visit. Finally, for higher level students, we try to tackle more difficult subjects, such as the future and social problems.

We hope the school continues to evaluate speeches in the future as speaking becomes a more important part of English education in Japan.

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