November 28, 2017


Have you heard of Kabuki? Do you know much about it? Have you ever seen it?


Last week, on the Thanksgiving holiday (November 23rd), all of the junior high school students had a chance to go to the Kabuki Theatre in Ginza to see a live performance of Kabuki. Our school was also able to get a few extra tickets for some of our high school students. Originally we had hoped to bring all of the international students, but we did not get enough tickets. So instead we brought along the Japanese students who are about to go abroad for 3 months on a study abroad experience. Undoubtedly they will be asked about Japanese cultural traditions and they will need to learn a little about the major traditions before they go. This was an excellent opportunity to help them prepare.

We met at 8:20 am below the theatre and then went inside at 8:30. The show started at 9am and finished at 10am. It was meant for children so it was shorter and "easier" than usual. But it was still very difficult to understand. However, even if the words and meaning were difficult to understand, the beauty and complexity and richness of the tradition came across very clearly.


It was an excellent experience and we hope to expose the international students to a similar event in the future.



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