November 5, 2017

Rebecca's Edo Museum Excursion Blog

On October 25th, we went to the Edo Museum. The Japanese students who will go abroad for homestay also attended us.When we went into the museum, we were all very surprised. In the museum, the streets and houses were all built like the Edo ones. Not only the outside, you can go inside any of the buildings, and they were all been set properly.There were the shops for selling vegetables and rice.We learned how many rice that Edo people had for each meal, and how they make rice.There were boats in the water, we learnt how them catch fish and use shells to trade.We also went in people’s house, we saw the mirror and the futon.There is also a square to rest, we saw the cars selling Tempura, Soba and Udon.Although they were fake, they looked so delicious! The most impressive one was the place to keep the rice.To prevent no mice go into the house. The guide told us that they invented a kind of lock which only can open it by a special “key ”.That was wonderful!
We went into many different houses and learned how people live in ancient Edo
City, and we were all amazed by the technology and their wisdom, and we had so much fun in Edo Museum!




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