November 18, 2017

Teresa's November 2017 blog

Teresa Here!

What does November mean to you? Is it the boring month after Halloween? Perhaps it signifies an acceptable time to gobble up an entire turkey with a can of cranberry sauce before heading out to take advantage of Black Friday sales. Maybe it’s an extension of the holiday season!

Maybe it's none of that! I'll tell you what it certainly means to me… the changing foliage!

Back in the States, I didn't pay much attention to the red, orange, brown, and yellow leaves. It wasn't because we didn't have fall; it was because it wasn't part of our culture. Ever since moving to Tokyo, the idea of taking trips to see the autumn colors (紅葉) has been growing on me!


Last weekend, I found myself in Nagano prefecture with a group of friends, new and old. Together, we had a walking tour around the town and took lovely pictures. It was slightly cold due to the higher altitude, but it was worth it.



Believe it or not, we went further up where it actually started to snow! It was my first snowfall of the year. I was so excited because as a Bostonian, I expect to see it as soon as the temperature drops!

Amongst the snow and strong winds, we warmed our bodies and relaxed our muscles in a hotel with more than 6 hot spring pools. I definitely cannot explain how amazing it feels to be soaking in a hot spring with pale blue water while the snow and steam blocked your view.

The combination of the foliage and hot springs made this weekend an unforgettable experience.



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