December 18, 2017

Teresa's December 2017 blog

Greetings from a person with a terrible cold!

It’s that time of year when you just want to wear as much clothes as possible without looking silly.

If you don’t properly dress yourself for the weather, you will get sick. So sick that your nose will feel like it’s a running faucet and you will apparently sing without knowing. Descriptive enough? This is all true by the way. I was told that I was singing and I have no memories of doing so!


Now, how shall we keep warm? One good method is to simply wear more clothes! Whip out those fluffy holiday socks. Do you have more than one ugly Christmas sweaters? Wear them all if possible. Realistically though, have you heard of “kairos”? They are Japanese heat packs that are lifesavers. They are so good that my friend sent some back to Russia! Even though there are many types of kairos, most do not recommend you use them when sleeping. Instead, try using a hot water bottle.

Besides wearing more clothes and using heat packs, eat! Yes, please eat. There are loads of food that warm the body, such as ginger, potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, onions, burdock root, taro, and “daikon” which is Japanese radish! Not surprisingly, almost all taste lovely in a hot pot known as “nabe.”

Lastly, exercise! Working up a sweat to heat your body while burning calories is just the epitome of killing two birds with one stone. Remember to drink lots of liquid! You may feel cold but your body needs water. You’ll be pleasantly shocked to find that the quality of your skin and energy level will thank you.

I think you have a lot of tips from me. Now, go and prepare yourself because winter is already here.



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